A month without dairy products

Jul 29, 2016
Photo via @dmvalerie

In a perfect world, I would eat pizza at least twice a day and chocolate chip cookies with chocolate milk for breakfast and crackers and cheese for snack...

But, oh yes...back to reality. For a good part of my life now, I have suffered with allergies of a certain type: sinusy chest throat cough type allergies. Despite numerous visits to "specialists", no one could tell me exactly how to make these symptoms go away. I got the usual suggestions like, allergy pills and nose sprays but still. Nothing seemed to make it go away.

Then I heard about dairy products and how they can sometimes cause people to feel weird symptoms (but then, of course, I read that this is just a myth- who reallllly knows) so I just randomly decided to start cutting back on the amount of milk that I consume. I switched to soy and almond milk, neither of which truly live up to milk's goodness, but I did notice a slight change in my sinus issues. Long story short, for the month of August, I intend to avoid dairy altogether- it's going to truly be a challenge especially since I do have a strong love for pizza and cheez-its and Greek yogurt and butter...mmm! But, I feel like since I'm writing it down here, I will be more accountable to follow through. We'll see how it goes! If my sinus issues are relieved drastically, oh my goodness, it will all be worth it.

Have you ever given up something you love eating? Is life too short for that? Have you changed your eating habits recently?

This is what happened when I adopted a second dog

Jul 23, 2016

It's hard to believe it's already been one month since I introduced Lulu to the world. When I adopted her, she was scrawny, her fur was disheveled and she just had this huge cushion of sadness surrounding her. It makes me sad to even think about it. Flash forward to the present and I can't even imagine life without her now...

WWOOF, organic farming

Jul 20, 2016


Not long ago, I heard about WWOOF, an organization that provides the opportunity for everyday people to help out on an organic farm in exchange for room and board. There are farms all over the world that offer this opportunity and I, of course, am highly intrigued by this. I grew up on, I guess you could call it, a very tiny farm (basically, a regular home with a good sized yard) that had many, many fruit trees and a small vegetable garden (all were planted by my green-thumbed parents). Although at the time, growing up, I hated the work that was involved in caring for crops (I mean, what 7 year old wants to be weeding a garden when there are more important things to do like playing with legos), I now realize that almost nothing tastes as good as a fresh apricot straight from the tree or a freshly picked tomato. 

Renaissance Day Festival

Jul 17, 2016




Saturday was the annual Renaissance festival which is always quite an extravagant experience. It's so interesting to immerse yourself in one of history's most famous time periods. One thing is for sure, it's a nice "place" to visit, but I'm sure glad I didn't live through that. Can you imagine? The outfits were incredibly heavy, the people seemed so rowdy (like, more than they are now and most likely super smelly) and any attempt at disobedience would probably land you in the guillotine (even though, you know, it kinda wasn't invented yet but I'm sure they had torture systems that were just as horrible...)

A-Z facts about me

Jul 11, 2016

Inspired by Sweet is Always in Style's post, in case you don't know too much about me, here are some facts about me from A-F (another post will be published later in the week to spare you from reading such a long post in one sitting, ha!)