Why I'll never buy a book again

Sep 23, 2016
13694625_113487962425024_1053009502_n If you read my last post, you're fully aware of my previous life as a hoarder. Therefore, it's probably no surprise that one of the things I hoarded most was books. I've always been a bookworm and up until recently, I pretty much considered it a sin to get rid of a book even if I secretly knew I'd never read it again. 

My life as a hoarder

Sep 15, 2016
14288021_1734735653443105_286309164_n After reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I was pretty convinced that I'd be eligible to appear on the next episode of Hoarders (not exactly the kind of fame I'd like, tbh...)

Picking apples at SLO Creek Farms

Sep 6, 2016

Recently I've been so hungry (pun intended) for farm fresh foods. I've become obsessed with learning about farm life and even though it seems like it's probably a whole lot of work to maintain a farm, the rewards of it definitely seem to be worth it. Being in California means you're never really too far from some type of agriculture but it wasn't until I moved to the Central Coast that I realized visiting farms and picking your own fruits/veggies is actually a thing- a very popular thing.

Why I want to move to Vermont

Sep 2, 2016
14156609_293388051027331_1405492582_n More often than not, it seems to me that everyone who grew up in the USA on the west coast eventually longs to visit/or live on the East Coast and vice versa. Or, sometimes, people just love where they were born and raised and are perfectly okay with staying there forever. See, I'm weird though. I live in California. I live by the beach (I was raised in the valley), it's sunny 95% of the time, and yet, I'm restless and dare I say- not as happy as I should be. 

I'm longing for a change even though, just 5 years ago, I made a big change when I moved to the coast. The community I live in is quaint and peaceful and everything you'd see in a movie, really. I can't ask for anything better. I really do appreciate everything I have. And yet...here I am, about to admit that I have a strong urge to live in the Northeast- specifically, Vermont. 

WHY VERMONT? ...is a question I get asked EVERY TIME I make this declaration. 

And to that I say, why NOT Vermont? Seriously, though, I love the way it looks in photos. Especially Autumn. Now, that is a REAL Autumn that I just HAVE to experience in my lifetime. I can't even imagine what all those orange and red trees look like in real life. I'm hungry to experience 4 distinct seasons. I also love the farm life aspect of Vermont. I lovvvve those old farm houses with the shutters. I've also read many facts about Vermont. I love that it's not over crowded at all (ahem, California). I love the close proximity to other exciting places (NYC, Canada, Maine...). I also love that they value the farm to table lifestyle and ahem, the fact that it's not too far from Ireland doesn't hurt either...

Now, there are two major issues with a potential move to Vermont. Yep, a lack of "real" jobs. I mean, that is a pretty big issue, I think, so I'll have to weigh the pros and cons otherwise I risk working at a general store all my life (not that there's anything wrong with working at a general store all my life except that I really don't want to work at a general store all my life). And then, oh yes, the snow... 

Personally, I romanticize snow a lot. Californians either love or hate snow. It's such a foreign thing to us. It's like seeing a dinosaur riding a bicycle. In my hometown, it snowed like once every 15 years for about 3 minutes. Definitely not enough to justify buying a pair of LL Bean boots. 

I'm not saying Vermont is going to be this perfect magical place. But I'm so curious about it that I just have to see for myself. Even if I only stay there for a year, at least I can say I tried it.

Do you ever get that way? If you could pick up and move anywhere, where would it be and why?