My slight obsession with wooden shoes

Mar 23, 2017
green swedish hasbeens

Since I was little, I can remember being quite fascinated with what I've always called "Holland shoes" (aka Klompen). The idea that shoes could be made from wood was a concept that was so intriguing to me.

My 4 year old self is alive and well after seeing Beauty & The Beast

Mar 17, 2017
5in Hawaii
It's hard to see, but I'm totally holding my Belle Barbie doll here at age 5 while on my first trip to Hawaii
A million years ago, when I was 4, Beauty & the Beast was released in theaters and Belle gave me my first glimpse of what true girl power is. At the time, of course, I didn't realize that Belle was brave and intelligent and all those good things, I just wanted to run to the quickest toy store to buy the Belle Barbie doll.

8 reasons why I haven't blogged lately (perhaps you can relate?)

Mar 10, 2017
Untitled 1. BUSY- I'm finishing up another quarter for my degree and of course all the hard work is somehow always left til the end (endless papers, quizzes, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)

26 Thoughts I Had When I Visited Ireland for the First Time

Mar 2, 2017
yellow door

I originally posted this directly to Bloglovin but I was kinda sad it didn't post it to my blog on here so I felt the need to repost it here. A bit confusing!

With the arrival of March, St. Patricks day is inevitably the theme floating around. Ireland is such a special place for me despite the fact that I don't have a single Irish bone in my entire body (but then again, whose really sure of anything?). It's a place I wanted to visit for so long and when I finally did in 2014, it was everything I imagined it would be and I have literally dreamed of it every day since. I would love to be able to get to know it better in the near future but, until then, I will share with you the random thoughts I had before, during, and after my trip and hope that I'm not alone in some of these thoughts.

Who What When Where: What I Did in February

Feb 28, 2017
February feels like it was a long month probably because I was non-stop busy with school work (uuggggh. is college even worth it? no, but seriously, tell me...) and I'm just drained now. I tried to balance everything but some days I just really couldn't be bothered to look/function like a civilized human being. But, on the days that I did function like a civilized human being, here's a summary of February via my 5 senses.

Splendor in the rain

Feb 17, 2017
"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet..."