Hi & welcome! I'm Victoria, a northern California native who now lives on California's central coast. The first 2 things you should know about me is that I approach life with a "Pollyanna" perspective as much as I can, and I am a crazy dog lady (side-note: I used to be terrified of dogs but I was converted to a dog lover after I adopted my Basenji mix Djinn Djinn in 2009, which led me to adopting Lulu, a Chihuahua mix in 2016, which led me to adopting...just kidding, watch this space). 

I love the Spice Girls. 

I'm a huge fan of classic films (they just don't make 'em like they used to- I'm aware this makes me sound like an 95 year old), old houses (I'm partial to ones with glass door knobs and built-in bookcases...), snail mail, and candid photography. Basically, I'm an old soul in a millennial's body (with modern-day values...just thought I'd throw that out there)

Since I grew up during the time when computers and the internet were still somewhat new to the world (read: Oregon Trail, dial-up internet and AOL), I have dabbled in everything from MySpace to Xanga, etc... I love anything to do with technology but am also highly capable of spending a normal day out just enjoying a quiet nature walk. This website/blog is all about the every day through my eyes: the places I go, the things I wear, eat, photograph and love. Hope you enjoy...