Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations...


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"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations..." 

June gloom is in full bloom lately and it's weird when I hear other places in California already reaching 90 degrees. I miss hot summers but since living by the coast means that summer feels more like the start of Fall, well, it's something I'm still not used to. As a result, my outfits have been pretty basic lately as I'm not sure if it's going to be cold out or warm enough to show my naked arms. Also, #frizzyhairdontcare

In other news, does anyone else get anxiety when planning a trip to a city? I'm not really a city girl (despite the fact that I love museums and all the arts & culture that cities offer) but if I had to choose the best city to visit in California it would definitely be San Francisco. I can't even believe how long it's been since I last visited (at least 15 years ago) but trying to plan a short trip there is proving to be mind-numbing. Too many things to consider, for example... what do I really want to see/do? Where do the locals eat? How confusing is the public transportation? Will I roll all the way down the hill and into the ocean if I trip and fall? What if that crazy lady who was hitting people on the head with a stick near the Asian Art museum attacks me? Why does a 3 hour car drive take 6 hours by train? So many things to consider, really!

I promise, I'm not usually a 90 year old who prefers to stay in and do crossword puzzles but how do all these instagrammers/bloggers make traveling look so easy?


  1. Beautiful photos Victoria! :) Lucy has wanted to go to San Francisco for the longest time. You will have to swap notes! I bought her a gorgeous book for Christmas and she knows so many cafes and places she wants to visit! Personally I really want to see Alcatraz one day! :)

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Love Kelly xx

    1. Thanks so much Kelly! :) I should've asked Lucy for her recommendations sooner! There's just so much to see! I want to go to Alcatraz too (my class went there for graduation in 8th grade but I thought it was dumb back then and didn't go!)





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