Lace tops: I missed the bandwagon

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When lace tops first started trending some seasons ago (I don't think they're "on trend" right at this moment but I just barely jumped on this bandwagon a couple years ago- don't push me off yet!), I was unsure if I could look and feel good in one because they were more frilly and "fancy" than anything I am usually drawn to. Sure, I like tops that have a unique style to them with various prints, colors and textures but somehow, the lace top felt a bit too wedding/1800s Lizzie Borden-esque. The other issue I had was, what do I wear under this see-through thing? A camisole every time? I can't be bothered! 

Then one day I spotted the lace top I'm wearing in the top photo (and the one below) and somehow, it "spoke" to me. It didn't seem too fussy and I loved the pattern of the lace so I bravely decided to give it a try. It ended up being a really stylish (I mean, I think so) and surprisingly comfy top. These days, I take a second glance whenever I see a lace top and I'm currently the proud owner of 3. I've found a way to make them work for both super casual looks just as well as some almost-dressy looks.


What I love most about lace tops is that they are versatile and now I see that they have a bit of a timeless feel to them, depending on how you wear them. I like that they can pretty much be worn from Spring all the way to the beginning of Fall. Even though I'm often late to the party with major trends, I think after this whole lace top thing, I will be less hesitant to try something new. Now, off-the-shoulder and ruffle tops are all the rage. I tried on a few and liked them but some of those off-the-shoulders are, well, very shoulder-y and to be honest, I don't think my shoulders appreciate being the center of attention (I mean, I'll have to ask them just to be sure...), she says as she posts a photo of her bare shoulders below...

Are you a lace top wearer or trendy top follower?

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  1. These tops are gorgeous!! Eek i love them! :) You made me giggle with the camisole underneath, i always think the same thing...i can't be bothered if i have to layer sometimes and it's too faffy! :p But these look beautiful and you look gorgeous!
    Lucy xx

    1. Thanks so much Lucy!! :) Right about the camisole?! Haha I get lazy!


  2. That's a really pretty top! I love love love the one that you're wearing in the last photo. I have one that looks similar. I have had a few favorite lace tops but I find that they are a pain sometimes to wash because they get a weird smell to them. It's probably because I'm buying some cheap material. Ha! I don't wear lace much nowadays, but whenever I do I'm sure I'll feel extra fancy. Haha

    1. Thanks Jessica! :) Really? I haven't yet had one smell weird, haha! That's so random but yeah, some materials are crazy weird like that.