My 4 year old self is alive and well after seeing Beauty & The Beast

5in Hawaii
It's hard to see, but I'm totally holding my Belle Barbie doll here at age 5 while on my first trip to Hawaii
A million years ago, when I was 4, Beauty & the Beast was released in theaters and Belle gave me my first glimpse of what true girl power is. At the time, of course, I didn't realize that Belle was brave and intelligent and all those good things, I just wanted to run to the quickest toy store to buy the Belle Barbie doll.

My wish came true at Christmas when I received not just Belle but the Beast, and it was literally one of my favorite gifts ever. Belle was my very first Barbie doll (my mom "approved" of her because Belle liked to read and was not just another princess who relied on a prince to rescue her, ha!). However, it was a sad, sad day in my made-up Barbie world when Belle's head suddenly fell off and, instead of throwing her away, I just jammed the head back on (who cares if she was completely neck-less, I wasn't gonna throw Belle away!) Not long afterwards, tragedy struck yet again when my pet rabbit, who loved chewing on things, found it way too easy to chew off the Beast's nose (I would lovingly forever refer to him as "nose-less") Poor Beast (what was his real name, anyway?). I, of course, didn't throw him away either but I never could remember what he looked like before his "accident".

Fast forward literally, what, 26 years later? Who would have known they'd ever think of making a real-life version of Beauty & the Beast? I mean, I feel like they could've made it a lot sooner but without knowing it, we were all just waiting for Emma Watson- literally, Belle in human form- to grow up so that she could play the part. During the first 10 minutes of the film, I couldn't help but see Hermione Granger singing about the baker with his tray like always... but that image quickly disappeared and all I could see from that point on, was Belle, exactly the way I would've imagined her IRL, if I had imagined her...

After seeing the film, I can honestly say my 4 year old self is smiling from ear to ear and I will most definitely be seeing it again. For 2 whole hours, the world stopped and I got to relive my sweet, perfect childhood. I'd like to thank Emma Watson, Alan Menken,  and all the other people whose names I have no clue of, for making this possible. I don't want to be a snob, but I feel like only true millennials can appreciate how special this film is. Quite possibly no other group can understand the importance of, I don't know, trying the grey stuff because it's delicious.

Now, if Disney would take note, myself and all the other 90s kids out there would also love to see Pocahontas (I vote Chip and Joanna Gaines for the roles of John Smith and Pocahontas), Aladdin, and Mulan remade into real-life film versions. I hope I won't have to wait another 26 years but, I guess, better late than never

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  1. Aww Victoria, this is lovely and we have to agree with everything you said. The film was pure magic and uh Emma Watson was a dream! :) It was just perfect in everyway. We can't say one thing bad about it. Belle has always been our favourite princess because of her love for books and seeing her come to life, well, our hearts are happy! :) Now, we are just waiting for Tangled with Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi! :) xxx




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