26 Thoughts I Had When I Visited Ireland for the First Time

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I originally posted this directly to Bloglovin but I was kinda sad it didn't post it to my blog on here so I felt the need to repost it here. A bit confusing!

With the arrival of March, St. Patricks day is inevitably the theme floating around. Ireland is such a special place for me despite the fact that I don't have a single Irish bone in my entire body (but then again, whose really sure of anything?). It's a place I wanted to visit for so long and when I finally did in 2014, it was everything I imagined it would be and I have literally dreamed of it every day since. I would love to be able to get to know it better in the near future but, until then, I will share with you the random thoughts I had before, during, and after my trip and hope that I'm not alone in some of these thoughts.

1. "This flight is taking forever!" (My flight was from San Francisco to Washington D.C. to Dublin, a total of 12 hours- way too long for an anxious flyer like myself).

2. "I'm just gonna hold my breath as we fly over the Atlantic Ocean because omg how does this plane stay up here?"

3. "If I don't drink water on the plane, I won't have to use the creepy gross airplane bathrooms." (Bad idea, by the way. I had no clue that you could dehydrate from this- I'm just a newbie flyer having only flown 3 times prior to this, never internationally)

4. "Whoa, it was just dark when I looked out the window and now it's day light! Am I in the Twilight Zone?"

5. "How could they lose my luggage?! Is this even legal? It's gonna take me a century to get over this." (I had a jacket in there that I never got to wear, as well as my favorite pair of ankle boots)

6. "OMGOMGOMGOMG that's Dublin down there."

7. "Wow, the Dublin airport is so empty! Is this normal?"

8. "OMG, Irish rain is drizzling on me! This is surreal. Must. remember. every. detail."

9. "AH. Pinch me. Dublin is so...Dubliny."

10. "The colorful doors. WHO lives behind them?"

11. "How do you cross the roads here without getting run over?"

12. "Omg, there's Trinity College IRL." (Once upon a time I considered applying there but the whole process of studying abroad was intimidating so I didn't even try- yes, I regret that.)

13. "What are the odds that I will randomly see The Corrs, my favorite band since I was 12, walking on the crowded Dublin streets?" (as luck would have it (well, not lucky for me), they announced their reunion tour 2 years after my trip...)

14. (On heading out towards the countryside) "There's like no traffic at all, how is this even possible? Why can't California be like this?"

15. "Look at all the sheep! And they all have different colors sprayed on them? How interesting..."

16. "AHHHHHH, IS THAT A....? A....? A CASTLE RUIN! My very first castle sighting. I will remember this moment forever." (My childhood dream was to own a rustic castle in Ireland- the dream is still somewhat alive)

17. "I want to meet some of the locals but would they think I'm weird? Where do the locals even hang out?"

18. "Oh gosh, I just slipped and almost fell right in front of Blarney Castle- I hope no one saw!"

19. "I just saw a RAINBOW... in the village of Blarney. I hate myself for not exploring the castle longer."

20. "Where are the gas stations?"

21. "Wow...the Irish countryside is literally a real life photograph. ...indescribable."

22. "Even the dentist office in this little Blarney village is so charming and colorful- is this real life?"

23. "I hate jetlag."

24. "This trip has gone by way, way, way too fast- I wonder when I will ever get to return?"

25. "I can't believe I have to leave. Can I live here?"

26. "No but, seriously, can I please please please live here even for like 5 minutes?"

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  1. HAHA omg I thought ALL of these things when I went to Ireland in 2015. Especially the Dublin airport - it was dead when we go there, too! I was also so thrown off that I saw an occasional palm tree. For some reason I always equate those with hot climates so when I saw them in Ireland, I was like ... what??

    1. Haha! I'm glad I'm not the only one with these thoughts! I didn't notice any palm trees but that's so random! I'll look out for them if I ever get the chance to visit again!





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