Who What When Where: What I Did in February

Feb 28, 2017
February feels like it was a long month probably because I was non-stop busy with school work (uuggggh. is college even worth it? no, but seriously, tell me...) and I'm just drained now. I tried to balance everything but some days I just really couldn't be bothered to look/function like a civilized human being. But, on the days that I did function like a civilized human being, here's a summary of February via my 5 senses.
TASTE: I ate a lot of pizza this month despite claiming to be on a dairy-free diet for February. It was mostly homemade pizza with Parmesan cheese but you know, I'm still a hypocrite. I also drank a whole lot of tea (how can I resist using my pretty yellow tea kettle?) and of course, never went more than a few days without eating some form of dark chocolate because, YOLO or whatever.

SIGHT: Because of the excessive rain this month (that's basically equivalent to a blizzard here in California), I hibernated and watched a whole lot of films (more on this soon) and also read a couple books in their entirety  (I was forced to because of my classes). They are worth noting, though, as they cover relevant racial issues: Everything I Never Told You & The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Also speaking of sight, I went to the eye doctor for the first time in like, 3 years and despite my heavily strained eyes, my prescription hasn't changed so, yay for healthy eye balls.

from where i stand TOUCH: My hair felt absolutely brittle this whole month. It felt like the way I imagine the witch from Hansel & Gretel's hair to feel like. I think it's caused by hard water but I bet only a scientist could confirm that. So I finally got the courage to have my hair cut. I say courage because it does cause me quite a bit of anxiety. I never know what the final result will look like since I get a different stylist every time and well, that makes me anxious. Luckily, it turned out fine but I will try to get my hair cut more often so the anxiety doesn't build up (silly, right?)

SMELL: What I smelled most often was DJINN DJINN & LULU. Anyone who has a pet will tell you there's a very distinct smell that accompanies them. In Djinn Djinn's case, he tends to smell like wet leaves and a slightly used warm blanket, while Lulu has ears that smell like feet and a bundle of grass. So I bathe them whenever these smells arise but the fresh smell of shampoo only lasts about, I don't know, 3 hours.

HEARING: As always, to calm myself (and Djinn Djinn & Lulu, of course), I'm constantly listening to music. My choice music streaming app is Pandora and this month the stations I constantly listened to were: Rachel Platten, Emma Bunton, Yanni, and Relaxation.

How was your Februrary? I bet it was more productive than mine?