Living in a Bubble: Making the most of your surroundings when traveling isn't possible

Jan 31, 2017
Untitled Let's see. It's been almost a year since I went away on a mini vacation (this includes road trips, weekend trips, you know, anything to get away from real life for just a few days). I'm currently at a place in life where I can't just pick up and go away on a fancy vacation (you know, due to adulty responsibilities and all that) but, admittedly and weirdly enough, even though I live in a tourist area where everybody comes to get away from their current locations, I have been feeling smothered and feel as if a change of atmosphere is definitely overdue.

HOWEVER. That's just not possible right now. So if you're like me, you might have to get a bit creative with the staycations (if you can even call it that). Here's a list of things I've come up with to do when you're craving a break from the monotony of the every day but can't quite hop onto the next flight to London.

Practice Photography: This gives you an excuse to go to random corners of your city/town and discover the different nooks and crannies that you might have missed the first, second, or even third time around. Also, going out at different times of the day gets you more familiar with photography/lighting techniques, which makes you feel one step closer to being a legit photographer.

Walk a different route every time: Just walk and walk and walk everywhere. You never know what you might see while on a walk, plus you're doing exercise and not being lazy, which I guess is always a good thing, right?

Untitled Look for local places you've never been: Most likely there's a few places not more than 15-20 minutes away from you where you haven't yet explored. Even if it's the tiniest town, don't hesitate to check it out!

Cafes: You can't go wrong with a cafe. I always try to visit a new one but even if I visit the same one more than once, it still feels like a special treat and keeps me in a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Get involved: Now this is where I fail most in life. It's always good to see what kind of clubs/events are happening in your area and even better when you attend. You never know who you're going to meet (a traveling buddy, perhaps? a new best friend? your future spouse?) and mingling with new people in your area is the next best thing to actually traveling and mingling with new people.

Help me out here. What do you suggest to do when you need a vacation but can't?

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  1. I used to go to the park a lot with my ex-husband and take a lot of photographs, I should really try to do that again because I haven't been to the park in so long! There are so many cute restaurants here where I live but I don't go to them. The thing is, I don't really go out much anymore. My boyfriend lives about an hour away and since we only see each other once a week we usually just have a chill night in eating take out. Hopefully in the future if things go well we'll be able to see each other much more and we'll have more opportunities to go out and explore. My next "vacation" will be in april when wrestlemania comes to orlando! 😆

    1. Aw, you should explore some of those restaurants soon! But at least you have that trip to Orlando to look forward to! :)

  2. This is such a great post! I really like the idea of trying new places in your town, it's something I definitely need to do more as I'm admittedly a creature of habit :) Taking a different route on a walk is such a good idea too xx