A Letter to my 10 year old self

January is my birth month (which means I get offended whenever someone says January is the worst month ever... just kidding but srsly) and for the whole month I have decided to focus on one theme: self-appreciation.

Last year on my birthday, I wrote a letter to my current self but this year, even though it's not my birthday yet, I wanted to write a letter to my 10 year old self because that is an age that I can remember being a true, care-free kid. Of course, my whole childhood was the greatest, but 10 is the age where you're still a kid, old enough to remember everything but not yet a teenager.

trip to SF Dear Victoria,

You still remember when you were 5 and you told your mom, "When I'm 10, I will...." and unfortunately you can't remember what you said you would do, but you do remember your mom saying "Wait, you've still got a long way to go until you're 10, don't grow up so fast." And after that, you never spent your life hoping to be another age than what you were.

But 10 came and went just as fast as any other age. Of course, you soaked in every moment back then- each and every blissful moment was spent enjoying yourself being a true kid (playing Barbies and Legos and roller blading). You hardly ever watched TV unless it was a Friday night or you were sick). You just barely escaped the glued-to-the-screen generation. You got to experience the best of both worlds: life with and without the internet. You were so lucky.

This was about the time when Old Navy came into existence and you still remember your very favorite shirt from there (as seen in the photo above). It was 100% cotton and even though you were 10, you definitely could appreciate an all cotton shirt (after all, you didn't start wearing deodorant til you were 12). You never could've or would've predicted how popular Old Navy would become or the fact that you'd still be wearing their clothes more than 15 years later.

You didn't have to care about your appearance. You didn't know what zits were, you had caterpillar eyebrows, and a Cleopatra haircut (minus the bangs). You wore ugly tennis shoes and your feet had already reached their full size (8) and since ballet flats weren't popular at the time, you had a hard time finding adult shoes that weren't high heeled. You were super thin which made your arms look freakishly long and even if some kids at school were bullies sometimes, you were completely happy and safe at home and nothing about your appearance could bring you down.

You hadn't discovered the Spice Girls just yet (that came a year after) but you never could've predicted that a British girl group could change your life and make you see the whole world differently (GIRL POWER forever).

You're definitely not 10 anymore and that depresses you more often than you care to admit. But you made the most of it and you have nothing but great, great memories. Your future now still looks bright and the age of 10 and its greatness definitely had something to do with your current outlook. You're able to see so much good still left in the world and somehow, I think your 10 year old self would be smiling at the person you've become.

As always, thanks for your comments and I'd love to chat with you here or on social media.


  1. Aww, this was so sweet Victoria. I loved it! Those were the days, the carefree, playing outside, getting muddy, making potions out of flower petal days! :p We were obsessed with the Spice Girls too and it's funny you mention Old Navy as that's where I currently work part time! This was a lovely post! You have a great outlook on life! :)
    Kelly xxx

    1. Thanks Kelly! Omg, I forgot about making potions out of flower petals- I definitely used to do that! I love Old Navy and always will! It seems like it'd be fun to work there. :)


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH Victoria! :D You were such a lovely little girl when you were little! And lovely now too of course! <3 This blog post made me think about my 10 year old self and made me smile! :) Enjoy your birthday month! January is the best month ever! <3 PS - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new drawing with your dogs! :)

    1. Thank you so much Hazel!! Happy birth month to you too! Yay for January birthdays! <3

  3. Awww this was such a cute read I really want to do something like this too in the future, touched me!! And talking bout spice girls!! I use to think I was Victoria bekham at 7 years old, singing to a bottle of spray with tights around my head pretending is two long pony tails. Grrr... Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Happy New Year to you and your family!! Dominica from www.its-dominica.blogspot.co.uk

    1. haha, that's so cute that you pretended tights were ponytails- that's pretty clever! :) Thanks for your sweet comment, Dominica, hope your 2017 is great so far!