The trench coat that went to Ireland


Every time I wear this trench coat, which admittedly isn't as often as I'd like (THANKS California weather for always being so sunny and sunny and sunnier) I am reminded of the glorious week I spent in Ireland 2 years ago. I wore this coat on the plane which was a good thing considering I only took one other jacket (from Forever 21) and it got lost somewhere between San Francisco and Washington D.C. I would've been so mad if this trench coat would've been lost. But I don't even want to think about that!

I feel like this green trench coat is one that I'll wear for many years to come. I mean, I hope it'll last that long. I have another trench coat (you know, the Holly Golightly kind) and just the other day, I put my hands in the pockets and one of the pockets ripped right before my eyes! It was shocking as I've always believed trench coats are a staple piece that will last a very long time.

Anyway. This green trench has even more special meaning to me now that it's gone with me to Ireland. It saw the Cliffs of Moher, the Rock of Cashel, Dublin (it was a lifesaver during a huge rain storm I got caught in while strolling the streets) and so much more. I've promised it that we will go back to the Emerald Isle together again someday.

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