Walking the two little critters

Oct 7, 2016
Photo Oct 05, 5 58 33 PM
Photo Oct 05, 5 48 07 PM
Photo Oct 05, 6 04 37 PM
Photo Oct 05, 5 36 59 PM
Photo Oct 05, 5 18 40 PM
Photo Oct 05, 5 15 14 PM
Photo Oct 05, 5 08 58 PM
Photo Oct 06, 6 12 54 PM It was the first time I got photos of myself walking with Djinn Djinn and Lulu. They've been on many walks together already but I haven't been able to capture it on photo until now. Do you know how challenging it is to take pictures while walking with a critter on each arm? Each dog has a mind of their own and one likes to sniff everything in sight (ahem, Lulu) while the other wants to run fast (ahem, Djinn Djinn)! I won't point any fingers but DJINN DJINN is sometimes so stubborn and instead of walking, he just wants to stop and sit on any bench he can find. I'm not sure who's walking who!

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