Hometown Glory: A trip to Northern California

Over the past week, I took a little bit of a break from the online world (except for Instagram because, duh what is life if I can't take a peek at everyone's #ootds and flatlays) and traveled back to my small hometown in Northern California. 

My hometown is, I guess you could say, more than just one town, because of close proximity to each other, it's more of a cluster of hometowns since I spent so much of my youth in each of the separate towns.

Many of you might be able to relate: when you leave your hometown, you tell yourself you'll never feel the need to come back (except for the yearly visit to relatives or if you're horrible like me, you only visit every 5 years) and nothing was ever more important than escaping for good. My hometown(s) is no London or Paris (far from it, actually) but when living there, it was way too easy to notice only the negative aspects of it. 

The last trip to my hometown was about 4 years ago and it was a blurry memory of anything but happiness. This time, however, it was an unexpected delight and everything that a visit to one's hometown should be. I visited all my old favorite places (landmarks and restaurants) and saw some old faces including many relatives that I hope to see more often. It was just such a pleasant experience from start to finish that- can you believe it- I actually didn't want return to my current home!

I finally saw my hometown for what it's been all along- both good and bad- but mostly just good: a small community filled with (mostly) friendly laid back people, agriculture in abundance and warm sunshiney weather (the way it should be this time of year). It was nice to see grass again and feel the warm breezes. It was nice to be given a free bag for your purchases at a store rather than having to pay 10 cents for it. It was nice to see so many beautiful old architectural structures. It's weird to think about but so much of what I love and appreciate now is because of what I grew up knowing in my hometown community (i.e. farming/fresh produce, old homes, small towns).

Of course, I won't say I'll be moving back any time soon, if ever, but at least I'll always have a place to call home...

Adele LIVE in San Jose

Photo Aug 03, 8 43 31 PM
Over the weekend I guess you could say I crossed something off my bucket list that I didn't even know was on my bucket list: I saw Adele perform live. 

Back in December of last year, I heard Adele was going on tour and I just knew I had to go after hearing her second album and being one of those annoying people who kept "Hello" on repeat. I woke up early the next day and crossed my fingers that I could somehow get tickets that would at least let me into the lobby of the building, ha! The only other time I was nervous about getting tickets was when I went to the Spice Girls reunion tour in 2007- the show sold out in minutes but luckily, I was signed up for their fan mailing list and got an access code so that made all the difference. However, with Adele, I didn't even think to sign up for the mailing list because honestly, I never in a million years expected her to do a world arena tour. 

Good news, though. I MANAGED to get nosebleed tickets for one show (even though my original plan was for two shows) and never looked back. 

The day came way faster than I realized! On the day of the show, I got there super early and just basically waited around wondering what Adele was doing at that moment (you know, stalkerish thoughts like, when did she arrive? did anyone see her arrive? what did she eat today? is she feeling homesick?)

FINALLY, a little after 8pm, I heard a familiar "Hello" echo inside the arena and the world erupted into screams (I mean, obviously). I will quickly mention how annoying it was that I happened to be in the wrong seat and a guy came and brought it to my attention just as "Hello" began, making me miss the first 3 minutes of the song. 

Despite that little mishap on my part, the show was just unbelievable. Adele is a true entertainer and, obviously you all know how she sings- imagine her albums but 10x better. And of course, her chatty personality- she is just phenomenal. I mean, the show was so good. Don't tell anyone, but it was even better than the Spice Girls show I saw. And that's saying something because I happen to think the Spice Girls are queens of the world. 

Who knows when Adele will tour again, but if you're one of the lucky ones who gets to go to one of her shows, she will not disappoint and you will be left wondering why you weren't one of the first to follow her on MySpace back in the day.


*Adele singing "Someone Like You" (EVERYONE and their neighbor knows the lyrics for that one!)
*Encore performance of "When We Were Young" and seeing a bunch of Adele's personal photos on the big screen. My eyes got teary with that one even though I swear it was just an eye irritation but I think my subconscious self knows better...
*The encore performance of "Rolling in the Deep" where the confetti containing her "handwriting" came pouring down from the ceiling. It was excitement and magic rolled into one!