This is what happened when I adopted a second dog

It's hard to believe it's already been one month since I introduced Lulu to the world. When I adopted her, she was scrawny, her fur was disheveled and she just had this huge cushion of sadness surrounding her. It makes me sad to even think about it. Flash forward to the present and I can't even imagine life without her now...

Lulu's improved so much and honestly, it's all just due to love and a bit of food. In the month she's been here, I have made sure to give extra love and patience to her because I know she has had to endure so much change within her lifetime. I'm also so glad Djinn Djinn seems to be accepting her well. I think he knows that's she's here to stay so he's dealing with it. ;)

She's a normal weight now and her fur is growing in nicely. In fact, I just gave her a bath today, which she hates so we'll have to work on that. I had bathed her on the first day I adopted her because she had that kennel smell but it was definitely time for another bath today. 

I love her little personality- she's gentle and sweet but feisty. She's playful and curious and does great on walks. She actually motivates Djinn Djinn to walk, which is so nice because sometimes he's difficult on walks. I think the hardest thing about Lulu is just making sure to not step on her accidentally because she is so tiny. I'm very cautious about how fast I walk now and I don't make any abrupt movements. In this aspect, it's actually helped me to become more conscious of what I'm doing and to not hurry through everything. Lulu also follows Djinn Djinn around everywhere and wants to be just like him, the grumpy little old man that he is. She learns quickly, even the things that she shouldn't learn (like digging through the trash can or begging). I'm so glad she's a part of my life now. I have so much love to give her.

Have you ever owned more than one pet at the same time?

Renaissance Day Festival





Saturday was the annual Renaissance festival which is always quite an extravagant experience. It's so interesting to immerse yourself in one of history's most famous time periods. One thing is for sure, it's a nice "place" to visit, but I'm sure glad I didn't live through that. Can you imagine? The outfits were incredibly heavy, the people seemed so rowdy (like, more than they are now and most likely super smelly) and any attempt at disobedience would probably land you in the guillotine (even though, you know, it kinda wasn't invented yet but I'm sure they had torture systems that were just as horrible...)

When I think of the Renaissance, of course the main thing I think of is the art, particularly Leonardo Da Vinci. It was so weird- while I was at the festival, a plane flew over and I remembered how Da Vinci had invented one of the first flying machines. I couldn't help but smile and wonder what he would've thought about the fact that here in 2016 we are celebrating the Renaissance period AND that airplanes are a major part of our lives. Crazy, right?

I wonder if 400 years from now, they'll have a festival to celebrate the 21st century...what would THAT be like, I wonder?