The newest family member

Photo Jun 19, 11 59 18 PM
Her very first day at home- I can't imagine how stressful and scared a shelter dog's life is but I hope Lulu will feel nothing but safety and love in my household.

On Saturday morning, I woke up at the spur of the moment- a lot earlier than I normally would've anyway- and decided I just HAD to go and adopt this little chihuahua I had seen online at the local humane society. However, this definitely wasn't a spur of the moment decision. I had been wanting to do this ever since I first adopted Djinn Djinn 6 years ago (I have always felt guilty about the fact that I wasn't able to adopt his little sister and his mother who were also at the pound-- the POUND--animal shelter is too kind of a description, in my opinion).

The desire to adopt another pup was particularly strong lately. I feel like Djinn Djinn is calmer and more adaptable than he's ever been even though I was still pretty nervous about how he would react to a new little friend since he has never been around dogs much. It might sound ridiculous but the whole night before, I couldn't stop thinking- should I go and adopt the little chihuahua? Should I? After all, this would be the first time I'd ever have 2 pets at the same time. What'll it be like having 2 dogs? Should I? Should I? I literally had dreams of it throughout the night and when I woke up that morning, I knew I had to go and be first in line to adopt this little girl.

Photo Jun 19, 11 58 11 PM

Photo Jun 19, 11 59 53 PM
Her second day at home- she's started being a bit more playful. I can't believe how adaptable dogs are.

Weighing in at a little over 4lbs, I have decided to call her Lulu after one of my favorite childhood cartoons, Little Lulu. I also wanted her to have a short 2 syllable name like Djinn Djinn's but somehow, thinking up female dog names is a lot harder than male names, at least for me it was! When I saw Lulu's listing online (formerly, her name was 'Si'), she sounded like everything I was looking for in a second dog: tiny, calm, friendly, and gets along with other dogs & what a coincidence that she's about 6 years old (same age as Djinn Djinn!).

So... why did I decide to adopt a chihuahua? For many reasons. I know lot of people tend to think most chihuahuas are hyper and annoyingly aggressive but I could never rule out an entire breed simply because of such stereotypes. I wanted a dog that fits with my lifestyle- with Djinn Djinn being on the medium size (20lbs) I wanted a second dog who wouldn't overwhelm him and one that would be very easy to travel with or basically just easy enough to carry around everywhere. Also, I've heard that chihuahuas are hugely overpopulated here in California so if I could have a hand in helping to make one less Chihuahua homeless then I feel that much better. They are wonderful little creatures.

Lulu already seems to be adjusting well to her new home- she sleeps a lot and she needs to gain maybe half a pound. She has some dental issues and that makes me sad when I think of how neglected she must've been. Her fur is a bit scraggly right now but I think she'll grow a healthy coat in no time. I feel like she was meant to be in this household- she is just perfect and I love her so much already, it feels like she's been with us forever. I hope Djinn Djinn will warm up to her eventually. So far he's keeping his distance like a sulky little child.

I don't mean to sound like a crazy dog lady (too late, right?) but, life is just so much better with a dog(s).

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  1. Oh she's so cute! Imo dogs really make a house into a home. You did a good thing in adopting her, there are too many shelter dogs around. Both of your dogs will probably be best friends in no time!