Thanks Instagram, for making me happier

Jun 15, 2016
Photo Jun 13, 9 43 21 PMI recently came across this article about how instagram could actually make you happier. And you know what? I completely agree with it.

I find that Instagram- something so simple and insignificant in the grand scheme of things- makes me feel more appreciative of the world around me and everyday life in general. I know a handful of people could still argue that instagram is a big fat waste of time and that it takes someone away from living in the moment but I hardly agree. Instead, for me, I look forward to observing small details that I probably wouldn't have noticed otherwise and it gives me so much joy to capture a beautiful corner of the world that others might not have seen yet or observed in the same way I have. I find that I remember the moment so much more and that I can live it and then relive it through the photo. Life's been a bit frustrating lately so having something like instagram to focus some of my energy and creativity on is making such a difference. Like writing a blog, instagram also helps me to get out and explore more. It inspires me to create more moments and memories and the fact that I am able to share them with people who are interested only makes it that much more fulfilling. Likewise, I am so inspired by other people's snaps...the up to the minute snaps from all around the world and all I have to do is search for a's quite incredible although I wonder if 100 years from now, futuristic type people will be laughing at us about how advanced we thought we were.

Obviously, there's many times and places where taking a photo is just not ideal or appropriate but I can always talk about that some other time...

I don't know how much longer instagram is gonna rule the world - I hear Snapchat is where it's at but I'm just not budging. I think no matter what social network becomes the next best thing, the simple act of taking photos to capture life's beautiful moments will always be a positive thing. And positive things can only add to happiness.

Does instagram make you happier? Or do you wish people would put the phone down already and just take a mental photograph instead?

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