The bicycle necklace


I have always been a jewelry admirer. When I was little, I loved buying the cheap plastic/metal rings from the 25 cent machines they have at supermarkets. Rings were my thing. I've never been into expensive fine jewelry even though as I've gotten older, I definitely do see the difference between choosing quality over quantity. For the most part, I am attracted to vintage costume jewelry but when I was in my teens, I'd usually buy the type from Forever 21 and it was oddly satisfying. When I first adopted Djinn Djinn, I kinda stopped wearing jewelry regularly because I found that he would get scared if I wore bangles or long necklaces while holding him- the things you do for your furry pals! But recently, I've started to wear jewelry a bit more often as my outfits were becoming way too boring without it.

Unfortunately, most of my current jewelry pieces aren't really practical for everyday use (most of my jewelry have been gifts from friends and family) because they're too flashy or they just don't go with everything I wear regularly. I've only recently started to buy a few pieces that I've chosen myself. 

I saw this bicycle necklace at TJ Maxx and it immediately caught my attention- it was a bit more delicate than what I'd normally pick but somehow, it just spoke to me. If a piece is going to be delicate, I love it when it has a subtle quirkyness. Normally, I would just admire a piece and then walk away but this one stayed in my mind as I continued shopping so I decided I had to have it. One of the things I made sure before buying it was that the chain would hit my neck at a good spot- I'm so weird when it comes to necklaces, I definitely can't deal with choker necklaces or the ones that hit right in the center of the curve of the neck- you know the spot I mean? I feel like I'm literally being choked! 

As soon as I put the necklace on, I felt a special connection to it. I suddenly realize that the bicycle kind of had a symbolic meaning for me. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by adult life lately and often feel like I'm kind of taking a slower route than most of my peers. It's as if I'm bicycling my way through life while everyone else is driving a sports car. It's weird how that is, isn't it? Even though this isn't fine jewelry, I can see myself wearing it for a long time. Plus, it's really just a charming little piece.

What kind of jewelry do you like? Are you a necklace, bracelet, earring type of person? Or do you wear all of them at the same time?

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