Oct 18, 2015
Photo Oct 18, 6 38 37 PM

Photo Oct 18, 6 36 26 PM
Photo Oct 18, 6 36 55 PM
Photo Oct 18, 6 38 05 PM
Photo Oct 18, 6 35 46 PM
Photo Oct 18, 6 39 06 PM
Outfit details: Shirt- thrifted//Jeans- Levi//Scarf-TJ Maxx//Sunglasses-Forever 21//Moccasin Boots-Minnetonka

This is literally the first time in months I've had the chance to take normal photos with the fancy camera. I've been too busy learning how to weld (for an art class), being anxious, learning how to use a saw, being anxious, being anxious, and repeat. It's been nonstop anxiety for me because of all the new things I'm learning which more often than not have required using tools that could potentially chop my arm off, or worse. I'm coping, somehow. Basically, this has all led to me not being in the mood to take photos and also, this is literally the type of outfit I've been wearing every other day (cotton is welding's best friend, apparently). 

On the plus side, today was the first day I really started to notice a change in the weather (sadly, no sign of rain despite some random thunder the other day that nearly sent California into a frenzy) and immediately found that as an opportunity to wear a scarf (my favorite form of accessory) and my moccasins (which are sadly, not as comfortable as they look/should be)! Remember in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe how the White Witch made sure that Narnia was always experiencing Winter and never Summer? That's sort of how I'm starting to feel here in California but the opposite (always summer, NEVER winter...). I'm not complaining but...okay, YES, I'm complaining. A tiny bit.

Apart from all that, me and Djinn Djinn are doing just fine (he says hello, by the way-- just kidding, he's a grumpy little old man)!

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