A girl of many hats

Photo Aug 07, 6 36 35 PM

Photo Aug 07, 6 32 43 PM

Photo Aug 07, 6 41 34 PM

Photo Aug 07, 6 30 35 PM


Photo Aug 07, 6 42 35 PM

Photo Aug 07, 6 29 34 PM

I've been a fan of hats since I was a youngin'. They just have this ability to pull a whole outfit together (obviously I didn't realize this when I was little- I was a smart kid but golly, I wasn't fashion smart). You might notice I seem to be wearing this hat a lot lately. Apart from it being a recent purchase, I just really love the style and size of it and it makes me feel like I've put just a tiny bit more effort into an outfit especially on a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of day (which is often). 

On a side note, I seem to be wearing all my clothes to death lately. These polka dot pants which have made more than once appearance on here are slowly coming apart at the seams in the back. I just hope I remember to keep an eye on its progress otherwise I could end up having one very embarrassing moment...

Are you a hat wearer & do you wear your clothes until they fall apart? Just me?