What I read: Murder, She Barked - Krista Davis


It seems I've caught the reading bug once again. And I don't even know if anyone even enjoys these types of posts but if anything, they serve as a visual reminder for myself to keep track of which books I've read/how often I read. 

Recently I read this little book called Murder, She Barked. Being the crazy dog lady that I am, the cover is what initially attracted me. I actually took this book with me to Ireland with the intention of reading it on the flight but it turns out, you just can't read on a flight- it's way too cramped and I was way too sleepy to even think about focusing on a story. So I finally sat down to read this book a couple of weeks ago and it turns out I couldn't put it down once I started reading the first few pages. The main character is a relatable young career woman with memories of a happy childhood growing up around her grandmother's charming Inn. With the turn of each page, it transforms into an entertaining read about a murder that occurs in a perfect little touristy town where the Inn is located and contains enough mystery to keep you intrigued. The involvement of the pets in this story adds a special touch. It's not like the animals talk or anything (that would be too Disney) but they are constantly mentioned in believable scenarios throughout the story. It's just such a lighthearted but captivating read- the kind of read you want when you're sitting in the sunshine eating a bowl of peaches and a big glass of iced tea (just me?)

What kind of books do you like to read for leisure? Any recommendations? 


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