The trail of 100 Giants

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After a 2 week trip into the wilderness, I'm not gonna lie, I'm extremely glad to be back to a normal life with wifi (#firstworldproblems, eh?). I like to think I love nature a bit more than the average person but even I am prone to cabin fever now and then. 

However, a recent venture into the trail of 100 trees in the Sequoia National Forest was an unforgettable and humbling experience. Trees that are as tall as dinosaurs (and probably nearly as old, too- well kinda but not really) almost makes being human seem like a very insignificant thing. How could these trees survive life for so long even during extreme droughts? You should see these trees that are literally located on top of the world (seriously, you have to take a long winding road to see them but thankfully it's not too winding unless you get car sick easily...).

I was literally speechless upon seeing the enchanting meadows that graced me with their presence- straight out of a scene from Bambi, I tell you (except, you know, not animated). I probably would have lied down in the center of a meadow had it not been for all the bees buzzing around the charming yellow flowers (oh well, I suppose they were there first...).

So basically, what I'm trying to say is that if you come to California, after the excitement of Hollywood and Disneyland wears off (because honestly, it will), a visit to the trail of 100 giants is, well, a 100x more magical than any man-made attraction...

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