Orange dream

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Extremely thick fog in June? Um, okay? It's super weird but I don't mind it. It looks quite interesting. Just as long as the wind stays away, that's all I'm saying.

So when I was in high school, orange was my very favorite color (except it always annoyed me how it happens to be a color associated with prison...umm?). I actually became known around school for wearing orange a lot. It started out as unintentional (one orange jacket led to an orange skirt and then an orange sweater, etc...) but soon I realized how much I actually liked the color. After high school, I kind of stayed away from it and soon came to realize that it really isn't the most flattering color on some skin tones especially mine. With the exception of this recently acquired shirt (how could I ever turn down a bargain), I plan to be more picky with the orange I wear. Still, that doesn't mean I'll refrain from buying other orange items in the form of stationery or home decor (especially when paired with pink- one of my favorite color combinations ever). Now, orange you glad I didn't make some lame joke about oranges? ;)

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