An update on Djinn Djinn

photo 3

I've been a little bit very distracted lately and it all has to do with this cute little face that is in all of my photos. Yes, Djinn Djinn. If you remember this post, he'd gone on a visit to the Vet recently and unfortunately there turned out to be a slight problem. Luckily, it was caught in time so he should make a full recovery (all prayers and good thoughts welcomed, though!) but he will need to have surgery soon to remove a calcium stone that I wish I knew how to explain better but it's all so scientific to me. In short, I am confident he will once again be the healthy little pup that he's always been and mostly I am just not looking forward to having him suffer through the recovery process and I hope he doesn't hate me for putting him through this but there really was no other option. My poor little baby.

photo 1

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