A visit to Solvang, California

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It's official: I think I've found my new favorite touristy spot in California. It's called Solvang and it's advertised as the Danish Capital of America. Incredibly quaint, charming, and colorful are all perfect words to describe this hidden little gem of a town. I'd been here once or twice before back when I was a young teenager and could care less about windmills and cozy bakeries. Admittedly, I don't know much about Denmark (once again I'm sure Google will save the day) but if it's anything like Solvang portrays, I could definitely see myself visiting the actual country someday. I don't think most of you Europeans would be as interested in a town like this (especially if you're right next door to Denmark or even the Netherlands) but for us deprived Californians, it's the next best thing.

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If you're not aware, I sort of have a mini obsession with wooden shoes and Solvang proudly displays clogs wherever they get the chance including this gigantic one located right outside their main shoe store. In case you're wondering, I definitely took this opportunity to wear my red Swedish Hasbeens (pictured below the big clog photo) and proudly stomped around the busy streets. If that doesn't scream tourist, I don't know what does. But wearing my clogs in Solvang was nothing short of exciting. I saw another lady wearing her clogs (they looked like ones from Lotta from Stockholm) and I kinda wanted to be her bff.

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In summary, be sure to visit Solvang especially if you're a Californian (you're most likely not more than a few hours drive away) or if you're visiting California for a couple of weeks and have time to spare. Like I said, if you're from Europe, you might not be as excited to see a town tourist trap like this but really, I'll leave it up to you to decide...

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