10 things my dad taught me

This post is coming to you about a day late since the weekend turned out to be busier than I anticipated. Still, in honor of Fathers Day, I wanted to share with you all some things my dad has taught me throughout my life. He is not a mushy type of person at all but knowing he won't be reading this (...still trying to get him near a computer), I think it's okay to tell you all that he's one of my bestest pals (both of my parents are, fyi- here's 10 things my mom taught me). 


1. See as much of the world as you can see. Never stop traveling.

2. If you invest in anything, let it be real estate. You can never go wrong with owning a piece of land (especially in California).

3. Whenever you can, buy stuff that's American made (or anything that's not made in China). Quality products are (often) worth the price.

4. Be your own boss if you can. Don't waste your life working for someone else so that they can accomplish their own dream.

5. A college education doesn't hurt but it's not the only way to enrich your life.

6. Read as much as you can. Know a little bit about every subject.

7. Basic survival skills. My dad is an outdoors guy so throughout the years I've picked up a few tips on survival. Not saying I could fend off a mountain lion but I do remember to always pack a blanket and water if going on any type of trip.

8. They don't make movies like they used to. In fact, they really don't make anything like they used to.

9. Learn skills that not everyone else knows (i.e. shorthand) that way if there is ever a demand for that skill, you will be one step ahead.

10. Don't be afraid to live - more often than not, taking chances is the only way to do so.

P.S. My dad is weird & doesn't like the internet so this is as good of a photo as I could manage- it was taken at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

What has your father/father figure taught you? :)

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