The best little buddy






The other day I started realizing that something just wasn't right with Djinn Djinn. I took him to the Vet and it turns out he has some sort of infection. We're still in the process of having him thoroughly examined especially hoping that it won't turn out to be kidney stones or anything worse. The day I took him in, it was quite traumatic for him and at one point I even heard him yelp out in pain in the back room where the Vet was working on him. It made me feel horrible. But it would've made me feel even more horrible if I hadn't taken him to get checked out at all. Later that day, after the Vet visit, I came home and felt so scared and worried. I couldn't stop crying because I just wasn't sure (and am still not entirely sure) what is the exact problem. I won't know for sure until he gets his X-ray next week. I feel like everything is going to be okay because he is definitely showing signs of recovery. But I just can't imagine- well, I don't even want to think about it -but I can't imagine life without Djinn Djinn. He is the best little furry friend in the world. I can't even describe in comprehensible words how glad I am that he is in my life (I'm sure most of you with 4 legged pals know exactly what I mean). I know one day he won't be with me anymore (far far far away in the future) but he's still so young (he's only 5) and I am trying so hard to have him lead the healthiest life possible (minus a sneaky little chicken flavored treat here and there). Literally every chance I get I take time to love him even if it's just a quick little belly rub (even when he's been a sneaky little brat). I'll never be able to give enough love to my best little buddy.

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