10 things my mom taught me

In honor of Mother's day this Sunday, without getting too mushy, I want to share 10 things that my mom, the greatest female I will ever know, has taught me throughout my life. While she pretty much has taught me everything, I had to narrow it down as much as I could so you wouldn't end up reading a novel. She doesn't know I'm writing this (still working on explaining what a blog is to her)  and to be honest, I'd burst into mushy tears if she'd ever read this. Also, I would love to post a picture of she and I but I seriously doubt she'd appreciate the internet "fame".


1. Education is the most important thing- you can't go wrong with a good education (seriously, she's been telling me this since before I even knew what education meant)

2. Keep your elbows off the table (this one has become a little less enforced since I've grown up but I remember as a child my mom would constantly remind me and I'd always be a little sass about it and exaggerate the fact that I couldn't reach anything without using my elbows to which she'd always reply "Very funny").

3. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and never let anyone push you aside (still working on this one- I hope to conquer it by the time I'm 80 at least).

4. Don't just dress classy, BE classy.

5. It's better to be alone than in bad company.

6. It doesn't matter if you don't have a lot of expensive clothes or a lot of clothes in general. It doesn't matter what you wear as long as you're clean (a.k.a change your underwear every day).

7. Girls can do ANYTHING just as good as boys or often, even better- never hold back.

8. Finish what you start (I blame her for my ridiculous habit of never giving up- I seriously never give up- it's sort of a problem).

9. Don't chew gum in public (oops, I'm totally failing this one- I chew it like I'm Violet Beauregarde).

10. Don't try to please everyone- you're not a gold nugget and not everyone's going to like you. And even if you were a gold nugget, not everyone likes gold...

What has your mother/aunt/grandmother (etc) taught you?  

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