Secret Pinterest boards


When I first joined Pinterest a while back, I mainly used it as a source for visual inspiration. I used it to look at the pretty fashion and travel photos and also pinned hundreds of food recipes that I knew I might never get around to making. But recently, I've started to use Pinterest for what it was made for: to get real life inspiration and apply it to real life situations. I've started making recipes I find on there, have favorite-d several DIYs, and have also created a few secret boards. Now, the nosy side of me is often curious about what kinds of secret boards other people are creating (I have heard some people say they make secret boards for when throwing a surprise party or a baby shower). Honestly, I only create secret boards for when I just don't want to bombard my followers with useless or repetitive photos (when I find photos of floor tiles, I can't pin just one and I know most people might get annoyed fast).

I thought it might be interesting to share a few of my secret boards with you. I know, it defeats the whole "secret" thing...


This board is for all the projects I'd like to attempt. I don't like them to be visible mostly because without sounding like a total snob, not all the DIY photos are the prettiest. I also don't pin enough DIYs to make it a visible board- I don't want to "waste" space by posting a board with only 10 pins.


This is a list of the affordable stuff I would like to buy for my wardrobe if I get a chance. I pin a lot of Forever 21 stuff and Swedish Hasbeens shoes. I know by the time I actually get around to making the purchases, they'll probably be unavailable or I won't even like it anymore...  


I'm pretty sure that every blogger has a board dedicated to blogging tips though I choose to keep mine private because honestly, most of my followers are not bloggers and could care less about blogging tips. Simple as that.


Not even kidding, I have  a whole secret board devoted to one of my guilty pleasures. It is one of my "goals" in life to try as many pizza recipes as possible (not just ones I make but also at restaurants). It is just one of the best foods ever and really, that's enough to justify it having a board of its own-- am I right or am I right? 

I'd love to hear about some of your "secret" boards...if you care to share! 

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