A visit to Kernville



This is officially the longest time I've gone without posting on here (thanks for your patience, by the way!) and I wish I could say I felt relaxed and rejuvenated while on "break" but I didn't. I missed being able to post on here- it is such a creative outlet for me. The only reason I couldn't post is because I was literally in the middle of nowhere and although I had planned to use wi-fi at a local library, it turns out, that particular library isn't quite up to date in that area of technology yet. SO, I had to rely on free internet from Burger King. It's so ridiculous how anxious I felt at first without the internet. Towards the end of my break, I was getting more used to being without it (and managed to go through a total of 9 books). Still, I'm glad to be back to having internet access and am definitely looking into a mobile hotspot for next time...




So part of my visit into the wilderness consisted of a visit to Kernville, a tiny old gold mining town in Kern County. It's a cute little town that's nice to visit for a day if you're looking to go Antique shopping, lounge by the Kern river and grab a bite to eat. It's quaint and peaceful- not words that you often associate with California. The photos pretty much speak for themselves. 

I have to say, I think maybe I've visited tiny towns like this a little too often because I hate to admit, I felt a bit bored after a while, a bit closed in (the town is only accessible through a long winding mountainous road). Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate the scenery very much but you know, I think I wouldn't mind stepping foot in a more urban area soon ...just for a change. :)

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