Spring is springing


It always feels weird when I wear bare legs after covering up all winter. It almost feels like it's illegal to show legs after wearing nothing but pants. The mind is a very funny thing.

It's been windy off and on around here lately and me and Djinn Djinn really aren't fans of the wind. But I still end up dragging him out for some sunshine and he usually gets over any annoyances he initially felt. It's all too easy for him to lie down in the sun with a few belly rubs and as you can see here, the result is a very sleepy looking pup. He gets comfy very easily. And without a care in the world, really, who wouldn't?

I was so excited to see so many flowers blooming everywhere- flower changes are really the only sure way to know that the season is changing here in the golden state otherwise it's ridiculous how many times I have to stop and ask myself, are we in summer? is it winter yet? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. But just kidding, I kind of am complaining...a tiny little bit.

By the way, the whole time change thing... whoa, my brain is still confused but I like that I'll be able to stay outdoors longer now...




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