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Ever since I signed up for instagram in 2010, I have been fascinated with its ability to bring all types of creatives together. I've watched it grow and grow but the weird thing is that it wasn't until just a few years ago ago that I caught on to the whole hashtag thing. Up 'til then, I had assumed hashtags were strictly for Twitter (silly me). Since I discovered hashtags on instagram, though, it has been so fun to browse through the endless amount of photos labeled by random hashtags (personally I sparingly use them on my own photos because I know some people find them annoying but I think if it was entirely up to me, I would hashtag like craaaazy because they're kinda fun- yay for run on sentences).

Of course, through all the browsing, I find myself coming back to a select few of the same hashtags over and over again, every time...


The ladies who write the amazing blog A Beautiful Mess started this hashtag in order for everyone to share their colorful pictures with the world- I find myself scrolling through way too many creative colorful snaps and I sometimes have to refrain from clicking "like" on all of them. There are currently 48,971 snaps under this hashtag but more are added every minute and I secretly have the desire to view each one.


Not only do I follow this hashtag regularly, but I follow the actual account of the same name where they post photos of people's shoes against amazing floors as a background. Every time I see a super cool floor in real life, I can't help but take a "shoefie" (that's like selfie but for shoes in case any of you are like me and tend to be slow with the ever changing internet lingo).


I have a great appreciation for vintage/antique (basically, old) architecture so having the ability through instagram to view so many old houses from around the country (and world) that I might never see in real life is so thrilling to me. It is eye candy, for sure.


This one sort of goes without saying but I love me a cute dog picture. I feel like this is easily one of the most popular hashtags on instagram and of course, that's really no surprise. Who could ever get tired of seeing photos of dogs? It's almost as good as owning all the dogs in the world but, you know, without the hard work and commitment. And, if you happen to be more of a cat person, I'm sure you've already discovered the sister hashtag, #CatsOfInstagram...

What about you? Are you an instagram addict? Any favorite hashtags?


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