Cliffs of Moher


In honor of St. Patrick's day, I felt it especially appropriate to post my 5th and final Ireland post today. I didn't write any of these posts in chronological order but it so happens I saved the greenest pictures for last. On this day, I visited the famous Cliffs of Moher (More? Mo-her? ...still not entirely clear on how to pronounce that) and we were told that it was one of the clearer days (though, as you can tell from the pictures, a misty haze was clearly present). 

Gotta say, the Cliffs of Moher wasn't really on my must-see list but it wasn't something I wanted to miss, either. I kinda feel like the cliffs are entirely overshadowed by the whole tourist trap thing. Apart from that, though, upon seeing the actual cliffs, I was very intrigued by the atmosphere surrounding them  (seriously, I wonder if any crazy person has ever jumped from them?) and a lovely picnic would have been ideal if I'd had all the time in the world to spare. HOWEVER, if I'm being completely honest, seeing the cliffs in real life...gosh, how do I say this without sounding presumptuous... a tiny bit of me felt like the cliffs actually look more magical and powerful in photos than in real life (I've heard the same feeling often applies to some people when viewing the Mona Lisa in person for the first time). I'm terrible for saying that, I know.

Aside from what I just admitted, I was genuinely grateful to have visited the cliffs. I seriously would love to return someday because I think it's just one of those places you really have to soak in to fully appreciate (preferably when you're not suffering from jet lag...).

I hope you all have a fun St. Patrick's day (I'm still 12 and celebrate it by wearing green and going around pinching people who aren't). If you're reading this from the Emerald Isle, just so you know, I'm incredibly green with envy. ;)

P.S. Random tip for you all: if you pay the admission fee to go inside the little watch tower to see the cliffs from high up, be warned that as you're climbing the spiral staircase, if you look up to the ceiling, you'll see some of the hugest Black Widow spiders you'll ever see...





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