That one time I visited Dingle, Ireland

Are you bored of the Ireland posts yet? I've finally been going through all my photos from the trip and have been uploading them to multiple photo storage websites because I'm paranoid that they might disappear into thin air if I just leave them on my computer. So, I thought now would be the perfect time to [gradually] continue to share some of them here and divide them into appropriately titled posts. 

That said, sorry for writing two Ireland posts in a row- it's just that I don't really feel like talking about anything else at the moment. Ireland has consumed my mind lately. But, the fact that it's so far away from California annoys me (whose idea was that to put them so far away from each other? ha!). In all seriousness, though, with a little bit of planning, many self pep talks, and a lot of courage, I am *this* close to convincing myself that a temporary move to the Emerald Isle is in order. It would be life changing to say the least.



On this particular day, I visited the Dingle Peninsula, a beautiful drive along the Atlantic coast. It was the most narrow road I've ever been on but it was incredibly peaceful with no other cars in sight (quite a change from California's traffic I must say). Come to think of it, I didn't see any people either. I saw many houses but no people. Hmmm? Maybe that's what makes this country so peaceful...

Eventually, we made our way to the actual seaside town of Dingle (which had a similar feel to Morro Bay here in CA- they could almost be cousins, except Dingle is the cooler cousin). I was super fascinated by all the brightly colored buildings but sad to find that many of the shops and even the restaurants were closed because it was off season (whaaaat?).



My dad and I finally found one open restaurant (so that's where all the other tourists were hiding...) and I decided on some fish and chips with a side order of vegetable soup (the soup of the day) which came with a side of brown bread (still trying to figure out if that's the same as wheat bread) and a cube of that amazing creamy Irish butter (seriously, I could eat that butter all day long). Sorry I don't have a photo of the food- I gobbled it all up before I could even think of taking a snap- you know how it is. 

When you visit Ireland (yes, you), you'll want to make time to explore the Dingle area because you will not be disappointed (except for, of course, the closed shops and restaurants). Notice I said, when you visit. Because, seriously, everyone needs to visit Ireland at least once in their lifetime... 

P.S. Be honest- will you be annoyed if I post a few more Ireland posts in the coming weeks? I don't want to be one of those people who just talks about Paris all the time (or, you know, in this case, Ireland...)



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