Rock of Cashel || Ireland



It all seems like a blur now but one of the brief stops on my trip to Ireland was the Rock of Cashel. Upon hearing the name, I, of course thought it was just a rock on a hilltop, but in reality, it's a ruin of a cathedral with the feel of a castle. It was an unbelievable feeling to be staring at a real piece of history. The cemetery was quite fascinating as well (who were those people? how did they die? what were their lives like? were they good people?).

It was my first real taste of the Irish countryside. The views that surround the site were incredible- so typically Irish. I can't really formulate an intelligent enough sentence to describe how fascinated I was by this particular spot. There's something about rustic gray stones surrounded by lush green grass that just gets me, you know?

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Unfortunately I only had less than an hour to explore this spectacular spot. I could've easily spent a day here, not just at the rock of Cashel but in the actual town of Cashel- what a quaint little village. Again, unfortunately, just as in Dingle, most of the shops were closed due to it being off season (seriously, Ireland, what's up with that?) Happily, one of the local cafe owners opened up his eatery especially for us tourists. I feel terrible that I didn't get a business card or anything and I can't remember what the name of his cafe was but if you're ever there, it's the first cafe to the right that you see as you approach Cashel (wow, like that really helps, eh?) Ah, well, all I can say is that the fresh scones and cups of tea were seriously delicious and it was just such a pleasant experience. Every time I think about that day (or just the whole trip, in general), I can't help but fall into a daydream...




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