In perfect Harmony


So! I'm here to bring your attention to yet another random town in California (it's what I do best- there's so many hidden gems in this state alone and it puzzles me when I hear that some fellow Californians have pretty much only visited LA and San Francisco). This little town called Harmony (and I do mean little- with a population of 18- there's definitely more cows than people) is right on the Central Coast and boasts a Winery, a Glass shop/Art Gallery and of course, a post office (which, by the looks of it is made up of half a room, if that).

Harmony...what a pretty name, right? And let me tell you, the whole town lives up to its name. Even though the highway filled with roaming cars is quite near, the sound of buzzing motors in the background is easy to ignore when you see the natural beauty of Harmony. It's often surrounded by incredibly blue skies, lush green rolling hills (I definitely typed "heels" and then caught myself...) and sprinkled with a few visible farm houses here and there.




One of the main attractions of Harmony is Harmony Glassworks, an art gallery filled with the most beautiful (and colorful) handmade glass pieces. Along with viewing the pieces on display, you also get the treat of watching the glassblower create the pieces right there in the studio. It was really fascinating to see how glass pieces (vases, glasses, etc...) are made. To be honest, it's not something I ever really thought about but it turns out glassblowing is really quite an intense process.

While it would probably be a bit challenging to turn Harmony into a day trip, it's definitely still worth a quick visit if you're driving along the coast. Because seriously, they don't call it Harmony for no reason...


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