Dromoland Castle -- Ireland



I know it's already been a good few months since I went on my first trip to Ireland but I kind of feel like I talked so much about the trip leading up to it but then never really shared enough of my actual adventures on here apart from Dublin and Blarney Castle. Honestly, it took a long time for everything to sink into my brain and the excitement was just too much to handle. For me, it was incredibly difficult to choose a highlight of the trip but I have to say that visiting Dromoland Castle was quite unforgettable. For normal people like me, it was probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

At Dromoland Castle, guests are treated the way I imagine Royalty to be treated. In fact, I actually found myself feeling a bit clueless like Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries --sometimes being  proper isn't as easy as it seems (does that make me sound like a cave girl?)! It is a full 5 star hotel experience and the wonderful staff leave no detail left unnoticed: newspaper delivery every morning, an incredible dining room where guests actually get all prettied up for dinner, meals that look like artwork, and when you come back to your room, the beds are all unfolded nicely waiting for you to jump in and fall into a deep slumber (which, you will certainly have no trouble doing in such a comfortably quiet atmosphere). I wonder if someday I'll get another chance to revisit the Castle because I definitely didn't get enough time to discover everything this beautiful location has to offer (tennis, horse riding, etc.).

I'll go ahead and let the photos do the rest of the talking...

Oh Ireland, why are you so far away?







P.S. Happy February! I'm off to a good start- I practiced the piano for a good hour today!

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