Practice makes perfect: an attempt to become a better picture taker

I don't like to admit this too often although it's quite possibly more than obvious at times, but...I'm still a complete amateur when it comes to photography. I decided it might be kind of fun if I posted a few snapshots every once in a while for you (and me) to see my progress (assuming I am making progress, ha!). These will be random snaps that I take using manual mode and using what I feel are the appropriate settings in the best way I know how. I've still got a lot to learn but if you're in my same shoes, I'd love to see some of your "practice" shots as well. Photography is such an important skill to have. Some of my favorite subjects to practice on are Djinn Djinn (when he's being cooperative, which he most definitely is if chicken is involved), flowers, and basically anything with a lot of color. I hope one day soon I can reach a point where I feel confident enough to shoot different subjects and various locations.





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