If vintage shoes could talk...

I bet they would say that they were so thrilled when their owner bought them because she happened to be a very stylish trendsetter from the heart of NYC.

They'd mention that when they were still brand new, they had stood near the Golden Gate Bridge and walked the busy streets of London - twice, every year for 3 years straight.

They'd probably admit that their owner didn't always have the cleanest feet.

They'd mention that they were happy with their stylish appearance that garnered many compliments, but mad whenever they had to walk on dirty city sidewalks.

I bet they'd say that they hated when anyone other than their owner tried them on for size.

I think they would also admit that they were owned by 3 different people and that the 2nd owner caused the deep scratch on the right heel from when they stumbled over an unexpected stone on a countryside road.

And they'd say that after 35 years of mostly happiness and security with all 3 owners, they were very sad that their final owner decided to donate them because they weren't considered stylish anymore.

I bet they'd say that even though all their owners might not even be on this earth anymore, they're glad to be able to live on and to await the next owner who will appreciate and love them for the rest of their metallic leather Made in Spain lives.

Yes, if vintage shoes could talk...

What do you think they'd say?

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