Dressing up and growing up





This week was the last week that I'll be the age I am right now (it's not really a secret but at the same time, age is just a number, right? ha!) I am definitely feeling more confident in my skin each year that goes by and I feel that my wardrobe is starting to reflect that. I feel more "fancy" in a collared shirt now (even though when I was a kid, I thought shirts looked too stuffy). I rarely feel put together in just jeans and a t-shirt these days- a sure sign that I've officially entered adulthood for good, right? Right?

For your weekend enjoyment, here are a few posts I wrote a while back that you might have missed:

If vintage shoes could talk...

I bet they would say that they were so thrilled when their owner bought them because she happened to be a very stylish trendsetter from the heart of NYC.

They'd mention that when they were still brand new, they had stood near the Golden Gate Bridge and walked the busy streets of London - twice, every year for 3 years straight.

They'd probably admit that their owner didn't always have the cleanest feet.

They'd mention that they were happy with their stylish appearance that garnered many compliments, but mad whenever they had to walk on dirty city sidewalks.

I bet they'd say that they hated when anyone other than their owner tried them on for size.

I think they would also admit that they were owned by 3 different people and that the 2nd owner caused the deep scratch on the right heel from when they stumbled over an unexpected stone on a countryside road.

And they'd say that after 35 years of mostly happiness and security with all 3 owners, they were very sad that their final owner decided to donate them because they weren't considered stylish anymore.

I bet they'd say that even though all their owners might not even be on this earth anymore, they're glad to be able to live on and to await the next owner who will appreciate and love them for the rest of their metallic leather Made in Spain lives.

Yes, if vintage shoes could talk...

What do you think they'd say?

If you haven't seen these 5 films, we can't be friends

*Disclaimer: These are all classic films. I don't live in the 21st century so you won't see me posting about The Hunger Games or Fifty Shades of Grey any time soon... #SorryNotSorry

The Ugly Dachshund: I just can't tell you how much I love this movie. Had I discovered it sooner, it would've been a favorite for much longer. BUT! Better late than never. If you like dogs, cute story lines, and classic Disney, this is a must-see. There's nothing more relaxing than watching this film with your own little (or big) furry friend sitting on your lap. This film makes me want to adopt all the dachshunds in the world...

Summer Magic: Another highly underrated classic Disney film (oops, sorry about that, it was unintentional to choose another Disney film). Hayley Mills is my all-time favorite actress. I just always associate her with all the happy Disney movies from childhood and Summer Magic is no exception. The songs are ridiculously catchy and as usual, I'm drawn to it simply because it's such a feel-good story. It makes me long for my very own yellow farm house in the countryside of Maine...

To Sir, with Love: If this film had been made any other time period instead of the 60's, I probably wouldn't have liked it as much. The time period and location (UK) is what makes this film stand out for me. I love the whole style of this film, the girls have the coolest fashions I wish I could recreate. And of course the storyline grabs my attention- it's very inspiring and even heartwarming at times. Plus, the tune that's played throughout the film is super catchy... to sirrrr, with lovvvvve

The Quiet Man: I'm not normally a fan of John Wayne films (they're usually all so western cowboy-ish and I'm just not into that) but this one is different and I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, I'm a huge fan of Maureen O'Hara (Miracle on 3th Street, The Parent Trap) and her Irish feisty-ness, plus, the film takes place in Ireland, so, really, need I say more? The scenery is fantastic and the story line is quite engaging as well. It's on Netflix right now, so you really have no excuse...

13 Ghosts: I am rarely drawn to horror films. But I made an exception with this one, especially since it's black and white (I love black and white films) and there is no sight of fake blood. The story is also quite entertaining. It has enough suspense to make it a horror film but enough charm to remind you that it's a classic.

I don't suppose you've seen any of these films? Do you ever watch classic films or am I just completely uncool? If it's the latter, somehow, I'm okay with that... ;)

** Original image sources were difficult to find. Hate when that happens because I feel like a thief.

Polka dot pants



I've been drawn to polka dots a lot recently. Not so much the classic black and white polka dots but other color combinations such as the ones on these cropped pants. I knew I had to have these pants as soon as I saw them and was a bit worried they might not fit, as pants from Forever 21 sometimes hate me. But! I'm happy to report they are now in my possession (as if you couldn't tell from these photos, ha!).

I found these suede loafer moccasins (Moafers? Loaccasins?) in the back of my closet. I had completely forgotten about them. They're so cozy and the style and color adds a bit of class to them. It feels like I gained a new pair of shoes just because I hadn't worn them in so long! It's so weird when that happens.

I'm trying something a little different with this post. You might notice the comments have been disabled (at least, I think they have - Disqus is still a mystery to me). That's just so you don't have to feel obligated to leave a comment. I know outfit photos are a little hard to comment on at times- I mean, what's there to really say besides "Nice photos" (or not), right? So, here's hoping you'll enjoy the photos because, really, that's what outfit posts are all about. :) 

Outfit details: Sweater- Old Navy//Pants & Sunglasses- Forever 21//Shoes- Ross