If I look inside my mind to review 2014 without the help of past blog posts or my instagram feed, the first thing that will always pop up are the memories of my very first trip to Ireland. I still think about it everyday and feel a burning desire to cry and smile at the same time because it was just such a wonderful experience (by the way, I've yet to taste butter and tea as yummy as the Irish make it).

2014 started a fresh new year (as most new years are) and I really had no idea what to expect as the previous year had been more planned out and honestly, a bit suffocating. 

This year was also made up of everyday moments filled with little details which I made sure to place utmost importance on (many nature walks and reruns of I Love Lucy).

I think of this year as being the year I baked and cooked more than Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray combined. I baked bread loaves and hamburger buns for the first time and it has quickly become a regular occurrence (right after this post, I intend to cook hamburgers for the last meal of the year).

I faced a lot of fears which I still replay in my mind to make sense of how I've handled everything. 

I learned to be very conscious of the moment and of my decisions and to live with more intention.

My drawing skills surprised me so much. I had never drawn with such focus before. It was a boost in confidence that I very much needed.

Every opportunity, I always had a camera with me but I was also conscious not to live through the lens. As soon as I got the perfect shot (which usually took like 253 times), I put the camera down.

I had many a pep talk with myself. I became my own best friend more than ever and actually came to accept and embrace that. I genuinely like myself. 2014 made me realize that life really is what you make of it.

And now, if I'm honest, I don't know if I'm ready for a fresh new start because 2014 was way too good to me. I want to soak it in for a while longer. But it's 5pm already and this post is being published way later than I had anticipated (thanks to an unexpected power outage). 2015 will be here soon. 

All I really hope for in the coming year for me, for you, for the people I know and have known, and the rest of the world, is for inner peace, good health, kindness towards others (seriously, people, let's all play nice- nobody is better than anyone), and simplicity. And a whole lot of bright colors.

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope you'll join me in 2015...

What I miss about shopping at Target

I grew up shopping at Target. I remember being about 3 years old and picking out a pack of Glitter Crayola crayons (which I still have, by the way) and a coloring book and feeling like the happiest little girl in the world. Every season, Target had something exciting to offer, always at good prices and always something more unique than Walmart. But now, things feel different and I don't find myself as attracted to Target as before. Could it be because everyone and their friend's uncle shops there? Could it be that most things are so cheaply made and overpriced? I'm not sure... but I do know, these are the things I miss about Target...

I miss the days when Target did not have Starbucks (don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of their baked goods) hogging up everyone's attention, but rather a simple little snack shop that sold really good popcorn, hot dogs, and unlimited amounts of free cups of water that you could refill yourself. 

I miss Target before every store became a Super Target- I don't want to buy my toothbrush at the same place where I buy my orange juice. I just don't, okay?  (By the way, don't EVER drink orange juice right after you brush your teeth...)

I miss their outside garden area even though I used to get so bored when my mom would drag me through looking at all the plants.

And I miss when they sold Christmas trees because that's where we would buy one more often than not. I would inhale that familiar pine tree smell like it was some kind of drug. The smell was always much more prominent because of the enclosed space.

I miss their stylish and affordable clothes before the designer collaborations became a thing. Even the Target brand (Xhilaration?) is now so ridiculously priced...

I miss always being able to catch the good clearance deals (the beautiful red sticker that brought so much joy) before anyone else but now that everyone shops there, the clearance shelves are always empty.

Issac Mizrahi- need I say more? His incredibly quirky but classy colors and designs were the first that ever spoke to me. He made me wish that I could be a fashion designer (he's the reason pink and orange is one of my favorite color combinations ever).

I remember Target had the hugest selection of Spice Girls merchandise back in the day. Those were some of my fondest memories. I waited weeks for them to restock the Posh Spice doll because they kept selling out of them. 

Oh Target, we've always been friends. But lately, you're acting like just an acquaintance.