November in the Sunlight


I have been wearing this shirt and cardigan combination more than a normal amount already even though both came into my possession not even a month ago. I found the black shirt with swans on it at Target in the CLEARANCE, it was an online order that had been returned. I just knew I couldn't leave without it. It seemed like it was going to fit super long at first but turns out it was just right especially when I tuck it in. I love the loose and comfy feel of it and even if it's not 100% cotton (or even 1% cotton, for that matter- my only regret), it's quickly become a favorite. I will definitely be wearing more shirts from now on- somehow, they make me feel more put together (11 year old me would hate the fact that I'm admitting this).





Djinn Djinn is also embracing the slight change in weather by wearing the sweater I got him last year from Dr. Foster and Smith. It fits his fat little belly just perfectly. If you look closely, you'll notice his leash has tiny little shamrocks on it. I got the leash in Killarney, Ireland. I was determined not to come home without a gift for him but it seemed to be a bit of a challenge to find gift shops that sold pet items. I found this leash literally the day before I had to leave and it was on clearance (clearance and sale items seem to follow me wherever I go but I'm definitely not complaining!) 

I got the blue flats at Penneys in Ireland (a store I had been wanting to visit because I've heard so much about it). It felt like a mix between Forever 21 and H&M. It was a nice store, probably not the best quality. I hope they don't bring one to the U.S. because that would take away the special-ness (that is a word in my vocabulary....), if that makes sense. I bought the flats as an emergency pair for a super, super good price (hello again, clearance) because my walking shoes got lost with my luggage and the Chelsea boots I had were starting to hate my feet.

Details: Cardigan- Forever 21//Shirt- Target//Jeans- Calvin Klein via thrift store//Belt- vintage//Shoes- Penneys (in Ireland)//Dog- Animal Shelter


Exploring Ireland: the snapshots

Initially, I was going to divide each post with photos/commentary from each place that I visited in Ireland but then I was like, eh, ain't nobody got time for that! I don't want to bore you all with touristy spots that you've heard of a million times before. I've just decided to post some of my favorite photos in a total of two different posts, all randomized, all mixed in. And now, I shall let the photos speak for themselves...









A piece of my childhood: S Club 7

After the Spice Girls and The Corrs, it's safe to say that S Club 7 was my absolute favorite group. But it wasn't until the recent announcement of their reunion tour (which, by the way, I'm super jealous of everyone who lives in the UK and has a chance to go) that I really stopped to think just how big of a fan I was (am). I, along with a trillion other kids who are undoubtedly all the same age as me now, fell under the S Club spell back in the day. Not an episode or album went unnoticed. I had the dolls (even the singing ones that would randomly start singing in the night). Tina was my favorite. I was also an avid member of both their US and UK websites during the time when computers were still relatively new and as a result, I pretty much associate everything I first learned on a computer with S Club 7. I even remember the S Club 7 message boards and that weird period of time when many fans were convinced they were in contact with the members of the group. I remember the supposed fan email address that was meant to be kept a "secret": it was and while it was convincing then, somebody had to have been awfully cruel to pull such a prank on us die-hard fans. But, it was all fun and games while it lasted.

After seeing their recent performance online at Children in Need and hearing of their upcoming reunion, it sparked so many great memories of my wonderful childhood. Now, excuse me while I go dig out every SC7 album I own and hunt down any episodes I can find on YouTube...

And, just for the record, my top 7 S Club 7 songs are:

-I'll Be There 
-Don't Stop Movin'
-Cross My Heart
-I'll Keep Waiting
-Stand By You
-Summertime Feeling
-Discotek (see, this should prove how much of a fan I was...this song is a bit hard to find)

P.S. I just remembered I bought a copy of their movie "Seeing Double" a hundred years ago at the Dollar store and I've yet to watch it!