Shoes I'm packing for Ireland

I'm not sure how this happened but somehow there are only a couple weeks left until I embark on my first ever journey to Ireland. I'm not really a last minute packer so I thought now would be a good time to at least start thinking about the shoes I'll need. I want to pack as light as possible (I know, crazy coming from a girl, right?) so I think about 3-4 pairs would do the job. I wouldn't even consider taking more than 2 pairs but I really have no clue how much rain and mud to expect and at the same time, I need a more "formal" pair of shoes because of dinners and stuff like that (apparently you Europeans put more effort into dressing for meals- Americans get by on jeans and heels and I like to think I'm more European in this aspect- Americans, we need to get our dressing-for-dinner style act together, just saying!)



At the moment, I don't have the most variety in my shoe wardrobe. But I've narrowed it down to these. My black chelsea boots (is 2 inches too high for Ireland's terrain, anyone know?) complete with dirt (though I might consider cleaning them before I leave, you know, so Irish people don't think I'm a slob or anything), my teal colored flats (which I might end up leaving behind since they are already falling apart), my "classy" cream heels (which seem to be the only dinner appropriate heels I own...) and my most trusted pair of suede ankle boots (which make more appearances in my outfit photos than I care to admit...). Please send all shoe advice my way...



  1. So jealous you get to go to Ireland. I hope you have a ton of fun, and don't forget to take a lot of photos! :) The first pair of flats are absolutely lovely!

  2. Not sure where in Ireland you're planning on going but there's a good chance it will be wet so take shoes that won't get ruined. I think I brought two pairs when I went to Dublin, sneakers for day and boots for night.
    Ps love the colour of the first pair

  3. Hello from Spain: soon you'll be in Ireland. The Irish climate is like where I live. It's cold and fog. Your wearing warm clothes and boots. Keep in touch

  4. It's unseasonably warm (here in England at least) but if you do find you need a pair of wellies (or rainboots) or any other item of clothing you may find you need, Ireland has a store called Pennys (or Primark in England) that will sort you out for any emergency buys, super cheap!

  5. Thanks so much for the advice! :) I have heard of those stores- I will definitely stop there if I see them!

  6. Sounds perfect-I am excited about the weather among other things! :)

  7. Great advice, thank you! :) I am going all around- all the touristy areas- Galway, Dublin, etc..

    I might purchase some rain boots while I'm there.





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