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Every time a Hamilton book catalog shows up in the mail box, it's like Christmas- I get way too excited looking through the endless amount of books available. I always highlight every single book I want and then narrow it down to a list of about 4-5 (there's a technique for everything, right?). I mean, I would buy the whole catalog if I could, but you know, lack of funds. This time around, I ordered an absolutely perfect group of books and like the nerd that I sometimes am, I thought I'd share.

Firstly, in that top picture. That is probably the cutest thing I've bought for Djinn Djinn in a long time (okay, I take that back, EVERYTHING I buy for Djinn Djinn is the cutest thing until the next cutest thing comes along). It's a teeny tiny recipe book that comes in a box and includes 3 cookie cutters. Can you believe it was only $3 ??? I had no idea it was super tiny (like the size of a large yellow sticky pad- wow, I am just amazing at describing things, aren't I?) but when it arrived, I just loved it. I can't wait to make all of the dog treat recipes-I'll let you know how it goes.


The rest of the books sort of have a similar theme going on. I unintentionally got 2 fiction books related to Ireland (only 2 and half more weeks, people!), a murder mystery involving dogs (which, might I add, comes with a few dog treat recipes), and a book about caring for farm animals (you know, because someday I will own an Irish farmhouse and have 2 of every farm animal in existence). Yup, pretty pleased with my purchases. Probably one of the saddest things in life is that we will never get around to reading every book in existence.



  1. I so love and miss book catalogs. I haven't actually heard of one since middle school. Let us know how the books are :) Do you keep a Goodreads account?

  2. Ooo, that Joy of Keeping Farm Animals book sounds interesting! I grew up on a horse ranch, so I know a fair amount about caring for horses, but one day I'd love to live on a piece of property that's bigger than my city apartment and have more animals again.


  3. Hello from Spain: I also prefer reading paper books. I like to touch and feel them. Great purchases. Keep in touch

  4. Aw, what a lucky pooch Djinn Djinn is. Not only is he cute, he gets homemade treats made with love! <3

    Em x

  5. I used to love scholastic book catalogs and book fairs! Oh, childhood and its happy-filled days!

    I actually hadn't given a second thought about Goodreads until I read your comment. I downloaded the app a while ago but just decided to give it a try and I love it so far- thanks for mentioning it! :) I am determined to become a better reader.

  6. Oh, really?! :) That must've been so fun being around horses all the time. I often see ads on craigslist for local farms seeking people to help care for horses and I wish I could do that. Yeah, it would be amazing to live on a small farm someday.





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