Hidden pine trails of the forest





I wonder if it seems as if I'm always outdoors taking a walk through the forest with Djinn Djinn? I must admit, that is a big part of my everyday life but every so often I do normal things like... well, normal things that I can't think of at the moment.





As usual, I feel the need to throw in a random thought: I am suddenly feeling "pressured" to update my phone from the iPhone 4 to at least an iPhone 5. I want to trade it in while I can still get a good price for it. #FirstWorldProblems, right? But it's just that all of a sudden, the software is changing faster than I can keep up. I just discovered an old 3rd generation iPod touch that was lying around the house and when I tried to update it with apps, it proved impossible since most of them required iOS 6 or higher. What a waste. The gadget still works but it's pretty much useless without apps. Just goes to show how technology sure knows how to make us all waste spend money...

P.S. Only 28 days left until IRELAND! If you're interested in seeing what I get up to while I'm there, feel free to follow me on Instagram as I'll be documenting the entire journey!



  1. Haha, I was just thinking when I saw the top of this post how it seems you're always out enjoying nature! I just upgraded my phone too (maybe you saw that on my blog) and it's so nice how much smoother it runs.


  2. I see that soon you will travel to Ireland. Technology moves quickly. Nice autumn pictures.

  3. I agree about technology- moves way too quickly! It's hard to keep up. And thanks! :)

  4. Haha it's true!

    I can't imagine a smoother running phone. Mine is okay but the hugest annoyance is the home button thing- it gets stuck ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to break my thumb from pressing the button so hard!

  5. I can't decide if I like your boots or Djinn Djinn's face in the 5th picture. What a cute face. I need a Djinn Djinn in my life. Can I doggie sit while you are in Ireland???!

    Em xxx

  6. You always find the most beautiful locations for your photo shoting.. like this time! I love your gorgeous dress. With this long wonderful legs you can wear what ever you want! The sandals are great.. perfect to the dress! love you post





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