Day trip: Avila Beach

Sep 10, 2014


Avila Beach. If you're not familiar (and let's face it, many people probably aren't since the town is home to a population of only about 1,627- thanks, Wikipedia, for that random fact), it is located on California's central coast- or as I like to say, the underrated space between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Avila Beach is a bit of a hidden town, a secret that seems to float among Californians. Last weekend, I visited for the first time. It was the most perfect day- the skies were just as blue as the water. My first impression, though, was that Avila Beach was ridiculously crowded for being such a small beach (so this is where all the young'uns from SLO county hang out). And you have to PAY for parking in most spots- why is this even a thing? I wonder if the person who invented paying for parking actually enjoys paying for parking? That aside, Avila Beach is a perfect little getaway for a day or even a few days. It's so alive, colorful, fresh, peaceful. Admittedly, though, not my favorite seaside town (she says after she just listed all the positive attributes) but still, definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a new place to unwind.








  1. Hello from Spain: nice photos of this small coastal town. I like that blue sky so intense. Starbucks is fabulous. Great giveaway. Lovely facades of houses. Keep in touch

  2. Wow! Small towns always seem so magical, don't they? Seems so lovely, gorgeous photos! xx

  3. beautiful pictures and beautiful place :D

  4. This place looks like a dream!! The colours are great, I love all of the blues, and you're so pretty :) I'll check out your giveaway now! xxx