Late afternoon fresh air



It seems that this month, even though it just started, I am on a roll posting here at least 3 times a week. I have decided I'm really going to strive to post on Mondays and Fridays.

I have started reading for fun again (believe me, this is a miracle as I was completely put off with reading because of school) and also have been inspired to bake a lot of healthier recipes lately (did you know you can make chocolate pudding out of avocados and it tastes like regular pudding?). I have thought about sharing some of my baking adventures but, not gonna lie, at the last minute, I get lazy to photograph the whole process and make it look pretty (after all, I don't wanna post a less than Pinterest-worthy food photo). Not that it wouldn't be an enjoyable experience, but I just want to make sure I wouldn't bore you all especially since I know Americans have a different way of measuring ingredients and most of my readers are European. Is there a way to convert recipes? I'll figure something out!

P.S. These are my favorite shoes at the moment so I have a feeling they'll be making frequent appearances on here! 

Outfit details:  Everything except the shoes- Forever 21 (FYI, I don't really shop there anymore, these are old pieces). Shoes- ASOS





  1. Love those shoes! I am the same way when it comes to photographing the baking process but would love the recipe for that pudding!

  2. Cute little dog! Love the colour of your shoes, a relaxed and effortless style, perfect for day time in the Summer. I'm afraid I'm not baker so can't help you on that front.

  3. Such beautiful shoes!!