every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name

Now that it's August, all I can say is that the weather finally matches the month. I mean, the weather literally hasn't changed at all this year but if anything, the sun is just getting brighter. Normal people would be thrilled about this but I am actually very conscious of the sun and don't like to soak in too much. I like my skin to be all one color rather than patchy looking (as it usually tends to get when only half of my arms stick out or when I'm wearing strappy sandals). So, in this outfit, that is why I look so covered up and dare I say, I kind of resemble a librarian (nothing wrong with that, I suppose, except, well, I kinda wasn't at the library...).

Getting off topic, but I just feel the need to point out how inspiring the song "Colors of the Wind" is. I  feel that it perfectly describes my surrounding environment and the way I feel about it. People have often pointed out to me that I easily and frequently reference many Disney movies in normal conversations. Everything just sort of reminds me of some Disney thing (old Disney, mostly- I'm afraid I'm not up to date with the likes of Wizards of Waverly Place and Frozen). I can't see a deer without thinking of Bambi. I can't go to a library without thinking of Belle. I can't think of mermaids without picturing Ariel and I certainly can't hear someone say "Let's get down to business" without wanting to chime in "TO DEFEAT the huns!"




(Ignore weird sun spot on my face...)

Outfit details- Sweater: Target//Top: H&M (similar)//Sunglasses: Forever 21//Jeans: DKNY via TJ Maxx//Sandals: ASOS 


  1. As I read your blog post title I have to admit I began singing the rest of the song in my head. Love that song! Great photos as always! haha, love that last line!

  2. Seeing your photos make me want a holiday by the sea. Cute outfit today, I especially like your versatile floral sleeveless blouse.

  3. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures with the beach background. I like your outfit. I do not like sunbathing. Keep in touch

  4. What a beautiful and impressive location. Such a lovely top too.