Happy Birthday Djinn Djinn

This face. This little guy. This little 4-legged creature. I call him Djinn Djinn ("Jinn Jinn"). He also has many silly nicknames- I often lovingly refer to him as "Feet Ears" because like the name suggests, his ears tend to smell like feet (his feet, by the way, smell like corn chips). He has turned me into a crazy dog lady (I was terrified of dogs when I was younger) and today is his 5th birthday (approximate- we don't know the exact date). It feels like yesterday since I first adopted him but at the same time, I can't even imagine I ever lived life without him.

The photo above was taken the day we adopted him. He was 8 weeks old and slept and slept and slept. Whenever he was awake, he would always find a way to get into trouble. Not much has changed since then...

Djinn Djinn's first bath! He smelled like a little puppy (you know the smell?) straight from the Animal shelter so we decided to bathe him. He only weighed about 2lbs- we were sure he was going to grow up to be a chihuahua (even the Vet thought so)! I had plans to put him into a basket on my bike and ride around with him so he could happily enjoy the fresh air. He had other plans, though. Now, weighing in at 19lbs, it turns out he's a little too big to put into a bike basket. Plus, he's a grumpy old man who doesn't enjoy things that "normal" dogs do (i.e. walks, other dogs, dog kibble without fresh meat in it).

Obviously as a crazy dog lady, this post could easily turn into the length of War & Peace. But, I know, I know...ain't nobody got time for that. So to sum it up, I put together a few of my favorite photos of him in this collage. You can get a good feel for his personality in every one of these photos. 

Basically, I just wanted to tell the world how much I love my little buddy. I hope he has a great 5th birthday...but who am I kidding? EVERY DAY is his birthday...

P.S. STILL trying to figure out the HTML stuff so that I can change the ugly colors of the comment section on this blog. Thanks for being patient with me!


  1. Hello from Spain: Happy birthday to your pup. I understand your joy. At the pets we love. As part of our family. Keep in touch

  2. oh my gosh the photos at the bottom are adorable and he was the cutest little puppy EVER. I hope he has a good birthday haha. :)

  3. Happy birthday Djinn Djinn! I remember the time when you said he's like a cat trapped in a dog's body. :) hahah! so adorable!

  4. This is so sweet! Happy birthday djinn djinn! He is adorable :)

  5. As a fellow dog lady, I loved this post! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy. He does have quite the personality. :)

  6. I love love love this post and your love for Djinn Djinn! Happy birthday again Djinn Djinn! It makes me so happy to know an animal is being well cared for and loved. I feel exactly the same about my little Rufus, it's hard to imagine how much love you can have for a pet until you have your very own! The photos are so sweet, he's such a lovely dog! xxx