Deer crossing


Waking up early is oddly difficult but so worth it at the same time. It's weird to be able to do so much in a day and glance at the clock to find that it's still only 1pm. Today consisted of much thrift and garage sale shopping (it's quickly becoming one of my favorite "hobbies" despite having disliked it immensely as a child). After today's finds, I have pretty much decided that I don't ever need to buy new stuff again. I can't believe how many treasures can be found at garage sales and the like- believe me, you'll never find a detailed quality vintage bag at Target nor will you ever find a pretty bistro set (that isn't made in China) at Home Depot.


On the way back from shopping, there was a desperately desperate situation. You see, there is basically deer on every corner where I live- I'm not even kidding. So, while on one of the curvy-ish narrow roads, I freaked out when I saw 2 baby deer (that look just like the ones below) with their mother IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, frantically trying to escape to the other side. Only problem was, they were so scared and couldn't easily cross to the side because there is a metal barrier that stands in the way (on the other side is a steep hill). The mother decided to jump over the barrier but when the babies tried, they couldn't. It was too high for them so they were stuck on the busy road with oncoming traffic. Though most traffic had stopped, people were getting impatient and one MEAN LADY (this is me being nice) honked her horn which only made everything worse (they are babies, you mean lady!). This caused them to panic so they ended up in the opposite side of where their mother was (the steep hill side). I didn't stay to see what happened but oh my goodness, the whole day, I couldn't stop thinking about them. I hope they are okay. Those poor innocent little babies (please tell me I'm not the only one who gets emotionally attached to every animal I encounter...)



The dress I wore today is one from years ago when, I wanna say, Alice Temperley had a line at Target (don't quote me on that, I will look it up when I'm not feeling lazy). And it's weird, but the dress shrunk in length when I washed it so it's like super short now. I wouldn't dare wear it without shorts underneath because that would just be an awkward moment waiting to happen.

P.S. Pictured below, is the face that stares at me from the window every time I leave or return home. It's a face of worry and concern and anticipation. Oh, how I love that face.


P.P.S. Please excuse the comment section because it is currently an ugly color- I am still figuring out how to change colors (it's not the usual easy steps) so everything is a bit weird. HTML kinda hates me.

Outfit details- Dress/Sweater: Target//Sunglasses: Forever 21//Shoes: Dolca Vita via Marshalls


  1. I love the first picture, your dog is such a cutie. Yesterday I woke up really early and had the same thing of looking at the clock and seeing all the time I had left in the day. It's such a good feeling. Oh I hope those deer are alright!

  2. Hello from Spain: the deer are very dangerous on the road. Nice dress. Your dog is lovely. Great pic. Keep in touch

  3. The picture with the deers is absolutely stunning! The light in that picture is so pretty.
    Hope that the other two deers are ok though!

  4. I feel really really bad for the baby deers. :( Doesn't the mean lady have any mother instinct at all?

    I love love love shopping in garage sales and thrift stores too. Actually I get most of my clothes in thrift stores now. hahaha Sometimes I have to adjust the clothes though or cut off outdated details. Sometimes I change the buttons too to make them more modern. :)
    A Hint of Sunlight

    1. I know, right?!

      Oh wow, I would love to be able to adjust the clothes I buy from thrift stores. :) It seems too complicated though. I guess that's why I tend to shy away from buying clothes there unless it really stands out to me.