Last day of May

May 31, 2014




As I desperately struggle to cough out another 7 pages for my 12 page paper that's due this week, I thought I'd take time out to post some pictures from today's windy, but sunshiney walk. Would you believe it if I told you my dog Djinn Djinn doesn't enjoy walks? I know, right? He's so fidgety and basically just doesn't enjoy walking in unfamiliar areas. And since he's only familiar with about 3 areas, well, my background scenery doesn't change much. What a grumpy little man! He much prefers to be on the couch watching his favorite TV shows with easy access to the refrigerator. ;)

P.S. Still practicing with manual mode on the camera- this might take a while so bear with me :)

Outfit details: Sunglasses/Shorts- Forever 21//Sweater/Tights- Old Navy//Shoes- H&M // Bracelet- Target

Life in manual mode

May 17, 2014








BREAKING NEWS: I've started practicing with manual mode on my camera so I'm warning you now. But, actually, if you don't mind me saying so, these are probably the nicest pictures I've taken in a while and I felt like I had much more control over the way they came out (minus a couple of unintentionally blurry ones, of course). I could get used to this.

In other news, I just got these new jelly sandals today. I know people either love them or hate them but personally, I have loved them since the day I got my first pair at like, age 4. Some jellys have hurt my feet before but I still wear them because I'm crazy like that. But, I am happy to report that these didn't hurt at all after wearing them for a couple of hours. And, as a bonus, I was pleasantly surprised to see they are made in England. Sometimes it gets a little boring seeing "Made in China" on everything, you know? 

Outfit details: Sunglasses- Old Navy//Top - Marshalls//Jeans - Calvin Klein//Jelly sandals - ASOS

This is NOT a sponsored post.