Rainy day treasures

California is suffering a major drought at the moment. Imagine our utter delight when the skies suddenly opened up and showered us with some much needed raindrops. Despite the day's beautiful atmosphere (which I was incredibly excited about), I stayed indoors to "study" for my upcoming midterms. I also went through my stuff attempting to organize but instead, I just rediscovered items that I really like and kind of forgot about my bedroom organization endeavor.

I don't think I've shown you this yet. It was one of my Christmas gifts and I just love it. It's actually not a journal but rather, a book of crossword puzzles. It'll come in handy while traveling, I'm sure. Fact: anything with shoes on it belongs to me, myself, and I.
My mom bought me this beautiful little antique (vintage?) picture at an estate sale recently. I wanted it the minute I saw it- I just love everything about it. Now I just need to find the perfect spot to display it.


I kind of forgot I owned this Betsey Johnson bracelet. Isn't it the greatest? Admittedly, it looks a bit weird on my skinny wrist and so I've only worn it once since I bought it nearly 7 years ago. But the main reason for this is because it is super loud to wear- the hearts always "clink" together as if I was wearing chains. I suppose I should only wear it to places that are loud where I won't draw attention to myself- a concert, perhaps? 


Remember the days before there were iPhone apps? Well, that's where this Seiko (Psycho?) electronic dictionary comes in. I bought it because it seemed "cool" to carry it around as opposed to an actual book. Only problem was that it defines words with single words. So, like, for example, if it defined the word "happy" with the word "joy" and if I didn't know what the word "joy" meant, then I'd have to look up the word "joy" and, well, you see where I'm going with this? 


I bought this deck of cards at an Irish shop in town before it closed. I was so sad that it went out of business, that shop made me want to visit Ireland/surrounding territories so much! But, I'm so glad I came away with these cards with scenes of Wales- even though I don't really play cards (solitaire, anyone?) 

This lovely little dish that was made in Ireland was given to me by my very thoughtful cousin who always thinks of me when she sees stuff from the UK/Ireland. It was originally meant to be hung on the wall but I removed the little metal hangy thing and decided to use it for my jewelry instead. I have it on display in my bathroom and love it so much. 

Do you enjoy posts like this because I love writing them? :)


  1. I love the bracelets! And the crossword puzzle book that looks like a journal. I love anything vintage too! :) Good to know you've had rain recently. Ironic indeed because most of the US are experiencing heavy snow while your state is in drought. My country is a tropical one but it's particularly rainy recently. :)

    1. I know, right? It's so weird how we have hardly gotten any rain while the rest of the world seems to be so rainy.

  2. Oh gosh, these ARE treasures! I lost most of my awesome stuff like this after Hurricane Ivan, so it seems more special when I see other people's cool stuff. It's droughty here in Texas too, and we're getting some rain (though cold). I can never decide what is worse...

  3. I adore these types of posts Victoria, I love having a good nosy and reading the stories behind such beloved treasures. I'm so glad you finally got some rain - we finally got some sunshine here Sunday/today so it's almost as though we've swapped :) best of luck for your midterms, you can do it!!! It seems lots of people are having a bit of a Spring clean at the moment, I cleared out my wardrobe on Sunday and it felt so good to take out things I don't wear. I also cleared out make-up and things I didn't use a couple of weeks ago (much to the delight of my sisters and mum!). Your shoe crossword book is so pretty, it reminds me of a card I received from a friend once and it had shoes all over the front. He'd bought a whole pack of them just to send me one! I used to work in a shoe shop, I always liked working with shoes! The vintage picture your mum got you is so special, I love both the picture and the gorgeous frame equally. I love those sorts of ornate decorative frames, whenever I go to galleries I always wish I could find frames half as beautiful as they do. I'm glad you managed to salvage something from the Irish shop before it closed, it's always sad when little independent shops close. I really like the way you chose to display your jewellery in the little dish rather than put it on the wall :) I look forward to more of these posts!! xxx

    1. :)

      Wow, that was so nice of your friend to buy the whole pack of cards just to send you one! Friends like that are hard to come by. xx

  4. Love rainy days and searching through old treasures! It tends to be exactly the sort of thing I do when I'm studying too.. I rediscover my love of things I haven't looked at for a while :)

    Alice x


  5. Lovely items! The crossword puzzle book is so pretty! Just published your guest post. I hope you like it.

    Jasmine xx For a Real Woman





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